Woooooooooooooo! (I'm Excited)  

seveninchforyou 34M
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8/26/2006 9:38 am

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3/9/2007 8:51 pm

Woooooooooooooo! (I'm Excited)

Last night with the lady from the bar went quite well. Quite well, as in she gave me a handjob in my car last night well.
She liked the show a lot and we really were hitting it off well when we went to get a drink afterwards. I have a rehearsal today and another show this evening, so I couldn't stay out too terribly late, and after our second drink, I told her that but said I'd like to go somewhere more private with her and she smiled and went out to my car. I intended to actually drive somewhere, like a park or something, but she took my hand into the backseat with her and we made out for a while; I don't think I'd ever made the windows fog up in a car before, but it got pretty close last night. She was on top of me most of the time, and I hiked her skirt up and had my hands on her ass and inside her panties for a while as we were kissing. I rubbed her croth and I think got her pretty close to coming, but before she finished or anything, she unzipped my fly, took me out and started jerking me off as she kissed and nibbled my neck.
It felt so unbelievable having someone else's hand on my dick again after such a long time. I didn't last very long, and I shot a pretty big load, luckily not on her, since her clothes looked pretty expensive. I got on top of her for a while and felt her tits thru the fabric and kissed her neck and sort of dry-humped her. Her legs were up around my hips and she had heels on, which made it really sexy for me; heels are always sexy, I think that's probably really the reason they exist.
We were in there together for at least an hour, I think. We didn't fuck, but we got enough of a taste of each other that I think we will, pretty soon. I walked to her car and kissed her goodnight, and we made plans to see each other again in a couple days, when my schedule lightens up a bit.
I feel a bit easy, considering this was our first "date". But my first girlfriend and I actually fooled around before we were "official" and then, once we were, we started having sex pretty quickly. My second girlfriend and I began fucking about 4 weeks after we were "official". I guess it happens on its own timetable with each person.
So, woooooooooooooooo! It feels pretty great.

singleguypgh7 45M

3/7/2007 5:42 pm

Heels suck when you are a short dude like me.

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