The Freedom to Try With Lots of People  

seveninchforyou 34M
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8/20/2006 9:53 am

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The Freedom to Try With Lots of People

One thing I've never even been close to experiencing but would like to very much is sex in a large group of people. The total abandonment of pretenses and constraints, the total liberating of everyone's sexual energy must make for a pretty amazing time. I imagine just the total acceptance of everyone and the equality of everyone having sex with everyone else is what makes it so hot.
In college, we had these things called Naked Parties at a campus house where I lived. They were usually once a semester, and very quiet affairs, where we only invited people we knew would be cool with the house rules. There wasn't any sex there and no liquor, so the chances of drunken misunderstandings were drastically reduced. There was pot, sure, but that tends to not make you belligerent nearly as easy as liquor. So people would just catch up, laugh, smoke maybe, but just BE with each other, naked, without any clothing to hide who we really were or what we really looked like. Now, of course, with lots of members of the opposite sex naked around you, the juices flowed and people oftened disappeared upstairs for a while, or left together. But that type of total acceptance of everything, that feeling that your body was fine the way it was and many people would be there to like or love your body if you loved theirs was just the coolest thing.
Hopefully, at some point, I can see what group sex is like at least once, and then I can decide if it's something I want to pursue further. There's no way to know unless I try it once or twice, so hopefully I can expand my horizons.

rm_LarryEros 82M/74F

8/20/2006 10:29 am

Young guy. as you will notice from our profile, I (Larry)am an experienced swinger. Also have been, and am a member of swing clubs. They all have either group rooms or hospitality suites where group sex is the norm. Not only do some participate in group sex but there are frequently watchers too. Sometimes young women like to devise sex games and contests for groups. Sometimes a group pf players will experience a chain or group cum at which time all or many will scream in ecstacy.

seveninchforyou 34M

8/20/2006 8:18 pm

That sounds good to me. The more the merrier, I'm sure.

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