Oops! I didn't mean to, but... it was pretty cool!  

seveninchforyou 34M
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8/19/2006 10:09 pm
Oops! I didn't mean to, but... it was pretty cool!

Once, my first girlfriend was giving me head. We'd been together for a good while, we each knew how to get the other off. We gave each other head, I'd say, about 3 times a week, usually, and we'd have sex when we could, it really depended on our schedules. Her blowjobs were good (she was the first who ever gave me one, but, even now, having 3 others to compare her to, hers still stand up well), owing to the fact that it was one of the sex acts she liked the most. She said she liked the power she had, having something that important, that sensitive, in her mouth, subject completely to her.
So anyways, I was in her room, sitting on a chair with my pants and shorts around my ankles and she was kneeling on a pillow from her bed, doing her business, bobbing her head at a good rhythm, tickling the balls, making the hot slurpy sounds, the whole bit. She built up to getting me ready to come, so, like the gentlemanly boyfriend I was, I told her I was getting close so she could take it out and just jerk me the rest of the way off.
At this point she hadn't swallowed yet and I didn't want to push my luck; I mean, she was already giving me head at like 4 in the afternoon on a Tuesday or something. But, after I told her, she didn't stop or let me out of her mouth or anything. She didn't hear me, she said later. So I said it again, louder, but, right then, she did her best tongue trick and, as she was taking my dick out of her mouth, I definitely came right on her face, like directly on her face.
I had the abject fear of God in me for a second. I mean, she and I were having good, regular sex and I loved her and I didn't want this to be some terrible fight-inducing mistake.
But then, she laughed loudly and then so did I and she gave me a pal-ish slug in the shoulder and wiped her face off in the bathroom. I of course apologized profusely, but she said to it up to her the next time I went down on her.
So, Oops! but it all turned out well.

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