Fucked 4 Times in 5 days and then Let Go  

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8/23/2006 9:10 am

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Fucked 4 Times in 5 days and then Let Go

Not much of a hang-over today. A while ago, I found this medicine-like caplet that they make where, if you take them right before you start drinking, they prevent you from getting the headaches, the lethargic shitty feeling, and pretty much all the other bad side effects of getting drunk. They work pretty well on me, though one of my friends has tried them and he says he doesn't get the same result, so I dunno.
I've been thinking more and more about my first girlfriend from college. I was definitely in love with her, for well over a year. I think it may be one of those deals where I'll be always be at least a little bit in love with her, which kind of sucks. I'd like it better if I could just forget about her. We were a pretty good pair for a while, and I actually started to wonder if I was lucky enough to have found "the one" on my first time out.
She was always a bit selfish, though. I mean, I don't want to trash her or anything, and I'm sure, if you read anything she wrote about me, you'd get her point of view. The thing is, our break-up was pretty bad. I was pretty hurt.
It was just some Thursday afternoon. I thought we'd been arguing a bit more than usual, but then we'd had sex, really good, aggressive hot sex four times that week, once in my car, in the parking lot of the Theatre, when we could see people we knew walking about twenty feet away. So, my thinking was, if something were really wrong, she would've stopped fucking me to let me know. But no. She broke it off the day after we had sex the last time.
I was pretty hurt. I mean, is that a shitty thing to do or no?
I'm over the break-up and all, but I still miss the good times we had. And, if I were breaking up with someone, I'd stop using them for a fuck-toy a while in advance.
Anyways, I think I'll make my first follow-up call today at some point. Maybe this'll make me forget.

singleguypgh7 45M

3/7/2007 5:31 pm

What was her reason for breaking up with you?

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