seveninchforyou 34M
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9/8/2006 5:55 pm

The blonde lady from the bar and I had a "talk" about out relationship tonight. Apparently she doesn't really want to be someone's girlfriend at the moment, but is more than willing to keep fucking me. I guess, honestly, I've been in this type of arrangement before, while I was on tour, getting and giving head to my tourmate. Somehow, though, since I was never actually inside her, it made it less serious to me. I dunno. I mean, it didn't keep us from fucking again just a while ago.
She went down on me for the first extended amount of time. I think she's had some practice. She sucked on my balls some and I think that's the first time anyone's ever done that. She took most of me in her mouth and did this thing... she just kind of held me there, in her mouth, swirling her tongue around my dick and puffing her cheeks out and then vacuuming them in again. Being something new, it got me hard pretty quickly and she got on top of me for the first time.
She was a little different up there. I mean, being on top, I thought she was going to take control, but she didn't do a whole lot, but waited for me to sort of hump her from underneath. It was cool and all, but a little unexpected. She's small enough that, after a while, I stood up, with my one arm under her ass, and held her while I was standing and inside her. My cock doesn't exaclty curve that way, but doing her that way was cool for a while. Then I missionaried and watched her face while I fucked her. She stared into my eyes the whole time and encouraged me with some "Fuck me"s and "Oh, oh fuck, there, yes"es before I pulled out and came.
So, I guess I have a fuckbuddy. I mean, I suppose I've had a suckbuddy before, so it shouldn't surprise me. We'll see how it goes. Uncharted waters. I guess as long as I get laid once a week, I'll manage to survive.

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