Dirty, Fond Memories 5: The Man in the Mirror  

seveninchforyou 34M
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9/1/2006 8:36 am
Dirty, Fond Memories 5: The Man in the Mirror

I really like fucking in front of mirrors. Having had the majority of my sexual experiences in hotel rooms with large mirrors on the wall facing the beds and in dorm room bathrooms, I have a pretty good level of expertise, I'd like to think. It's just about the perfect set-up for the man, at least the usual, visual-oriented man, as I suppose I am. Not only are you having sex or getting your dick sucked or whatever, but you're able to have this objective, third-person view of it at the same time. It's like you're starring in your own porno and watching it at the same time.
Sometimes, when I was on tour, I wouldn't even watch the lady suck my cock, I'd watch her in the mirror. I liked to sit on the edge of the bed in the hotel rooms, when we were alone long enough, and admire her body as she was kneeling in front of me, and I enjoyed seeing her head from behind as went in and out on my dick.
Once, we were in Illinois, I think, but we were in this hotel bathroom that not only had a huge mirror behind the sink, but ones on the side as well. I was standing and she was kneeling on a towel or something and she was giving me her pretty regular blowjob, but I could see her sucking me from about five different angles, including of course from above.
But my favorite experience was at college, when, before a dance show I stage-managed, I fucked my second girlfriend in the make-up room of the Theatre. I had keys to everything, so I opened the room and then locked it behind us and turned on all the lights. There are about 20 mirrors in there and the lights lining each mirror made lots of heat in the room. It steaming hot in there and she took off her dance leotard but I was so horny I could just get my pants and shorts down. I fucked her while she sat on the table-ledge and wrapped her fucking hot dancer legs around me, but for a shorter time than I'm usually able to last, it was so unbelievable hot. In the mirrors all around me I could see my ass pumping into her, her legs squirming around, running across my back with her feet in her dance shoes. At the end, I helf her thighs firm against my chest and could only make myself last any longer if I didn't look at any of the mirrors, or at her and the way her tits bounced when I slammed into her or the faces she made. Eventually I gave in and filled the condom up like I usually did, but I never wanted to pull my pants up again. I just wanted to stay there, inside her until I got hard again, so I could watch all the fun and participate in it at the same time.

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