Ass Expedition  

seveninchforyou 34M
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8/21/2006 9:15 pm
Ass Expedition

I think doggy-style is my favorite position. It makes me feel the most animal, the most dirty and base, and that's part of a really good fuck, at least to me. Fucking my first girlfriend doggy-style was great; she would growl at me and make me pin her down and she liked it when I bit her neck lightly and really got off on getting her hair pulled, pulled really hard in fact. The second girlfriend was a bit more submissive generally. When I did her like that, she usually arched her ass up in the air and rested her body on the bed; she typically made little squealing noises, like it was hurting but she liked it. The lady at the Festival gave me the biggest, longest unbroken series of dirty-talk while I was doing her in her shower. I can still hear the noise of her tits slapping up and down and my hips slamming into hers in the shower...
I have a few days off here in between rehearsals. I have tons of material to learn, so my days will still be pretty full, but I've had enough of this not getting any shit, honestly. The last time I got head was December and the last time I had sex was last August, so I'd say I'm officially on the prowl, and I've staked out a couple of places that friends of mine around here say they've struck paydirt at. I would say that I liked being in actual relationships better when I was having sex, but then the last two people I did stuff with were both not my girlfriends or anything. I wish the lady at the Shakespeare Festival was my girlfriend, I'd have done her more than twice, that's for damn sure.
I'm sort of torn about what to look for, though. I want badly to get laid, so maybe that would be the thing to take care of first, and then look to be actually meeting people for further motives than fucking them, or to look for someone I'd rather be with and then go from there. So hopefully I'll be reporting on real-life current sexual happening on here rather than telling you all of my nostalgia.

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