Memorable mouth out of the grayness  

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7/10/2005 3:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Memorable mouth out of the grayness

Gray fog lifted and parted to show sensual lips that then parted as well and the mouth attached suddenly engulfed me with gentle and sensual sucking…

Shivers and chills like that first time actually having sex filled my body and I quivered in openness to whatever might come….

I grabbed hair and pleaded with the sensual mouth to stop or else I would be soon orgasming in spectacular fashion, and so the mouth did stop, but for a minute…as it continued to tease me and suck so perfectly…wonder and awe filled me at the ease with which my entire self entered that mouth and into its very belly.

How many times did the mouth stop only to begin again would be torture to remember, and yet I do, from time to time, instantly getting hard…ooh that mouth–it should be a song!

When the body quaked and the shivers and chills exploded in rivulets up and down my skin, hands, arms, toes and body frozen, even breath dare not be…then the eruption began and the explosion in my mind, a volcanic Mt. St. Helens, did not materialize lest the head attached to the mouth vaporize, and my utterance was a guttural and unintelligible grunt that some translate into GOD…

Thanks mouth for that wonderful feeling, that special feeling of being satisfied beyond hopes, dreams and wishes.


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