it is one big AFF out there. come on, go out tonight  

serialfucker_ke 40M
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8/19/2006 2:42 am

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10/30/2006 10:14 am

it is one big AFF out there. come on, go out tonight

Hi folks! Sorry I have been quiet for some time now. But with good reason. Allow me to explain.

Last week I attended Flirty Friday at Carni. I am almost certain that there were lots of AdultFriendFinder people there. In fact, we went a quorum of 3, and one of us was a fellow AdultFriendFinder mate. But she refused to give me the goods and insisted that "let us just be friends". Fuck that shit. So I am still hanging around her. I know she will give in with time. Sometimes I feel like the hunting carnivore when it comes to these matters. Patience pays boys and girls. (One girl once gave me that shit and eventually ended up serving me her pussy on a silver platter.) The other member in our flirty troupe was a close kin. So off we went to "flirt", but it ain't as good as chatting in Africa room AdultFriendFinder I must admit. Though it is worth a try if you ain't been there yet. I actually almost got lucky with one of the gals I met and flirted with there but hand second thoughts so decided to let it go for another day...this city is so full of horny women just waiting to be fucked.

Then somewhere midweek me and 4 other buddies went to explore this classy club at Panari called Liquid International Club. I heard it was the haven of the Armenian brothers before they got booted. It is a nice club actually, good ambience, comfy seats, ice cold beer, good sound system, nice boogie dancefloor (all these reminding me of this club in Leicester Square in London called Oxygen - I wonder of that is the inspiration; oxygen, liquid, hmmm)..... but a price my dears. It costs 300 to enter (not bad) but the drinks? 200 bob for most beers (I hear 250 for the Smirnoff ices) 100 bob for a soda. I dread to think how much a cocktail costs. It is good I went with 50-50 partners there. One hint for you, don't take a chic there unless you are keen on spending close to 5k. The 5 of us (despite having passed by the local and grabbed a few pints there at a mere 80 bob) accumulated a bill of 5k. But it is a good place to go once in a while. So there is another recommendation for you. Go here to fuck the "classy" women.

Then last but not least, me and a few like minded work mates yesterday went to check out the talk of town; Chillers. For those very lost souls in town, it is at View Park Towers. Some people like to call Chillers a "Strip Club". But I think it is more about exotic dancing since there really ain't any stripping going down there. Or is there a difference? They have these exotic dancers here who are not so exotic. Actually they look like Kikuyus sisters from Ndeiya. Anyway, if you like watching soft porn, their antics will probably blow out your mind. You'll appreciate the dance moves and even the lap dances as the night progresses. If you get lucky, they might even remove their thongs for you and "jerk off" on your beer bottle. Just note that even when the thong goes out, there is a hand to cover the snatch so don't expect an "all the way" performance. But it is a good place where you should watch not to get addicted.

I guess the only thing to add is that while at Chillers, my mates and I hooked up and hang out with these chics who we initially thought were hoes. As it later turned out, they actually were who they said they were; campo chics just out to have a girls night out. "My girl" really warmed up to me and I think she would not have minded going with me (but where do I take her? Remember the wife is at home...). So there we were, having the pussy taken but holding back thinking there will be payment expected of us and it turns out these are just some young horny girls out to hook up with mature men (am I that old?). What I am trying to say is, maybe we don't even need AdultFriendFinder in order to get laid after all. You can pick up horny good looking girls from any bar in Nairobi you perv. And men too can be picked, my dear reader of the opposite sex (just let him know you are up for grabs). For the gays, I don't know where your pick up point is but my friend was once seduced by a gay guy at Zeep. Is that the gay men joint? I hear Lavaze is the lesbian joint of choice. But you my reader knows best, tell us where the gays meet. So, if you find AdultFriendFinder is letting you down on getting laid, don't get stuck at your keyboard all day. Go get the girl at the bar. After a few shots, your shyness and decorum will go flying out of the window (do you know I actually asked that girl I was talking to - Lilian or something like that - if she liked anal sex and she said she did? Wow, such a fine ass).

So that is what I have been up to guys. Have a nice time chit-chatting, cheating, meeting and fucking folks.

rm_MandingoFan 40M
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8/21/2006 7:06 am

The attraction of AdultFriendFinder is discretion. While there are numerous horny gals out there who want it as bad as I do, the last think I want is to be busted while on the prowl. At least on AdultFriendFinder, discretion is assured to some extent. The gal and I can chat, get to know each other, make sure she's not my workmate (or pals sis!) and agree on a discreet place to meet and greet. At least in theory thats how its supposed to happen...

I've heard so much about Chillers but have never been there. Right now its at the top of my list of priorities, and I intend to make my visit on the businest horniest day of the month, just to see but not to touch.

rm_jorgez21 45M

10/30/2006 7:22 am

Hi Serial, keep up the good work! Nice knowing there are some like minded dudes out there. My luck on this site is summed up by two minging mama! Nothing to write home about but when someone describes themselves as a "fun loving size 12" and you end up meeting a dowdy size 18 then its easy to give up. Looks to me like the lesbians are enjoying should check out Lesbo Bicurious. Any way this your rant so I'd better shut up! Chillers is great, I've gone on date there with a misc....made her jealous ended up delivering just to show me she was better!

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