about oral sex...  

serialfucker_ke 40M
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9/4/2006 9:14 am

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9/7/2006 11:28 pm

about oral sex...

Hi guys. It sure is nice to have another opportunity to write and have a one sided conversation with you again. As I once said, you are my inspiration. So please keep reading and sending me your comments, insults, e-mails... (Even just the counter of the blog counting your hit does it for me - it makes my mind so horny and willing to write)

Speaking of which, it seems some of the e-mails i get are people trying to guess my other profile(s). I have received all sorts of ridiculous suggestions, some menacingly close. One guy even got it right! Guys, just enjoy the blog and desist from trying to bust the author...he is a decent hard working FUCKING Kenyan. As I said in the post And so i enter, I change lots of the facts in my stories so don't count on guessing me right. What is changed could be my age, where I live, who I fucked, my age, etc etc. And other than the busted members on my black list (AFF men's liberation movement), I always try to hide the identity of the people I mention on my blog.

Following my post (HIV), it got me thinking of something that has been bothering me for a while. Call me a selfish pig but I don't, as a rule, give head on my fucks from here. I find this to be a risk area for me (see my post HIV) so I just don't go there. There are only two times I have ever done it though, once properly on my first ever AdultFriendFinder fuck (and the cunt smelt and tasted of piss, shit!). Naturally, then I didn't know what I was up to and what the standards were, even my fuck was not that good; I don't think I would have chosen her in any normal line up. So anyways, lucky bitch got head from me (and didn't give me any because by the time I finished I was so horny and just wanted to enter the freakin hole). Maybe she's the one that made me this way. So since I, as a rule, don't give head, I don't expect any in return. But I don't mind one if it is offerred on a silver platter.

I think giving head is overrated, to an extent. Personally I don't enjoy it that much. (Maybe just because I've never been given a good one? But I highly doubt that.) The problem is that most women who are registered on this site really REALLY value receiving head. And in fact I have a feeling that is why they are here; because they can't get it from their boyfriends or husbands, end up being unfulfilled and so come seeking here where people are "open minded" - and open thighed, open dicked, open mouthed. So in an effort to receive a reciprocal head, they give head. And of course when they are done, the guy goes ahead and does the foreplay and penetration...no head given back. At least that is what I do. More unfulfilled? Maybe you should ask for it at home where your hubby or boyfie won't mind? Huh.

By the way, someone tell me, in normal sex, who gives head first; the man or the woman? Me thinks the woman should receive head last so that after you're done you go straight to penetration when the iron (i.e. pussy) is still hot. Women somehow have a problem staying horny and on the brink of cumming. Since I think most men can maintain their stiffies for long (or regain it in a flash) and come more easily, I think this should be the order of giving head. But, I digress so much...

So there's this AdultFriendFinder woman who's fucked me about thrice now...and all the three times she's given me head and I gave none. So the fourth time we were fucking (about 13 months ago or so) she asks me how come I never give her head. Now it is very hard when someone asks you a "do unto others as you'd do to yourself question" to say the straight answer. Which is "because I don't want to" then she goes "but why and I give you?" to which the straight answer which I wanted to say all along is "but i have never asked you to, you offered yourself. and it was not with an agreement that i will reciprocate". (Kind of reminds me of my ex who once asked me how come I don't love her as much as she loves me...but again, that is digressing). Anyway, my personality being weak, the dialogue does not go quite as planned but I end up hesitating and giving something that is close to giving head...shyt! Never again will I fuck that. Not so bad hygienically as the first, but all the while I was thinking of the number of dicks that have gone through the hole; some bare. That was my second and I believe last time.

I think, for the sake of my health I am not giving any more head on AdultFriendFinder. So kenyan chics, if you hook up with me, I won't ask for a bj from you and i won't give you head. But if you offer to give me one, don't expect me to return the favour. I know it sounds rude and I am sorry, but I will have to take care of my health selfishly. So, pole sana! Otherwise the foreplay and other sex activities from me will still be as great (yes!), just that one exclusion...

I really hope I haven't broken as many hearts as I froze my the post HIV. So you continue chit-chatting, cheating, meeting and fucking.

samuraijook 39M
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9/6/2006 11:58 pm

Hmmm, yes you are selfish, but I think we all are and need to be anyway. I once read a profile of some UK lady that really captured the essence of why we are here. She said "I am here to fulfill MY FANTASY and not YOURS".

I think this should be the motto, then you hook up with someone who can fulfil your fantasy as you fulfil theirs. If there's no match, no need to bend over for someone else (but maybe there can be exceptions), at least that is my thought.

But once again, nice piece.

rm_MandingoFan 40M
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9/7/2006 8:24 am

Good point Samurai... We're not here to fulfil others' fantasies, just our own.

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