And so i enter  

serialfucker_ke 40M
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7/27/2006 12:26 am

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9/27/2006 12:33 am

And so i enter

Well guys, this is my maiden post on this blog. Feels like the first time you fuck. But I have other blogs, so really this feels like the first time you fuck a woman (or man) from AdultFriendFinder. You realise it is not any different from a non-AdultFriendFinder fuck, or is it? (Did you honestly think a pussy or dick you find on the Internet is any different from one you pick at the bar?) But either way it changes you, and becomes a magnet you can't pull away from. At least not easily. Try quitting smoking. It is probably easier than leaving AdultFriendFinder for good. "For good" being the keyword here - because all I have managed is a few periods of inactivity but I eventually return, bigger meaner and far more ruthless. And with time, you realise you have become...a Serial Fucker!

Anyway, that aside. A short intro of myself. But in the same spirit I will be using throughout my posts, I have changed a few things to hide my identity (and those I mention). After all, I could be your KTN news anchor for tonight's news!

So here goes. I am married, as most people here probably are (many too shy to admit it, usually the men. I think the women don't hide because they know the men are just too horny to give a damn). But lets face it. Do you honestly think you will find a single pretty sexy woman/man with a gorgeous body ready for an NSA (No Strings Attached) gig with you? S/he must be Attached or Married. Period. So deal with it or hook up with that unsavoury single you wouldn't give a second look if you met in the street. Actually you'd even mind saying hi to her. So I am married, with two kids. The elder one is a boy called J, 4yo, and the 2nd is a girl called N, 2yo.

I work in the IT field. Good job. Good money by anyone's standard. But not enough for me of course. My wife's an Accountant. And she is something...if any of the horny guys here saw her they'd probably drool. Nice boobs...great ass and hips that definitely don't lie! (And for the record, I am truly something too...heheee) you must be wondering WTF. Why is this guy here then?

To be honest, I don't know why I am here. It did not start with problems at home. On the contrary, it started with problems at work. My job involves sitting behind a comp for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. Sometimes even more. And to be honest, it is truly boring. So i surf most of the time. And in the process of my surfing, I checked out AdultFriendFinder. And of course, sex is a crowd puller, so I ended up here.

I had actually registered on AdultFriendFinder while still in college (somewhere in Parklands). That was in 2000, hmm so much for Y2K. Six years on, I have 4 or profiles on AdultFriendFinder. I am now on the low-low, but at some point I was the star of Africa room. The guy to watch (that is my most successful has fucked so many). So 4 profiles, private chat with at least 100 (some were probably men faking it), personally met more than 40 women in person; Fucked about 15. I will give you exact stats in my next blogs. And oh, there is a category I have left. The "almost fucked". And there are 2 in that category. Probably the 2 I would have picked and fucked from the bar as well, cos they were quite good. Regret the missed chance to date!

Anyway, so that is me. I think that is enough for today...more kesho.

Happy chit-chatting, cheating, meeting and fucking folks.

rm_MandingoFan 40M
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8/2/2006 1:32 pm

Nice writing! Its good to finally meet a serious and honest individual on this site. No, I'm not hitting on you, just appreciating your writing and your life.

I envy the number of chicks you've fucked... Not so lucky myself...

rm_Hardyboy414 41M

8/6/2006 5:01 am

You are an honest man a rare species in Kenya. I too appreciate yr writing. Keep that up.

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