Musings come from the neatest places  

serenepoet72 65F
8/22/2006 6:07 am
Musings come from the neatest places

Well folks, I have lately suffered some writers block, but that seems to be ineffectual.Thanks to the one who tames curves....

I Like To Think...

I like to think of you in terms of joy, demure, and coy,
Of lace in my embrace upon a skin insanely thin
As nights inhale delights when fingers mine for sighs divine
And long forbidden craves bone’s prison break and pleasures rake.

I like to think of you in terms of taste devoid of haste,
Of creams, vanilla dreams, and sugar rich late summer’s peach,
To grieve each passing eve the fading scars of fallen stars
While robins peck the seeds with brazen beaks from flaming cheeks.

I like to think of you,
My life imbrue
With dreams so few...


Don’t lift your foot
in the desert
or geysers will spring to life
and yucca and ocotillo and milkweed will sweep the ground
and nothing will be left of the desert
except for night’s disparate aroma of jasmine
where you lie down to sleep
and your skin touches the soil.

Hues Of Blue

The blue in your veins is not ink,
not even mine,
not blood nor sorrowful copper either.
For once I cannot claim ownership
and not even intent.

It is a piece of clear sky
so absorbed in the purity of its own reflection
in that glass of water
that it forgot to pull out when your lips touched the smooth rim
and thirstily gulped it down.

It was about to scream and thresh and claw
in a vain attempt to escape the acidic mire
which unwittingly became its temporal adobe
and certain of ensuing annihilation...
mother!... it cried, save me, mother!...
and while the whole of sky’s kingdom watched horrified, silently impotent,
it drained into your bodily ducts and furious streams, dying...
what is this piece of sun, mother?... it asked voicelessly
as it ran through your eyes and entered your heart’s chambers
where it found its haven
and never wished to return home...

Try to match the blue to that realm of sky
marked by a missing round stain hued grey,
and you will find they are so alike that it may well be a piece of sky
which is streaming through your veins.

tenorsaxxman 67M

9/1/2006 4:05 am

Very powerful imagery Serene. I wish I could sit and talk with you for a bastion of time to absorb your thoughts and know your mind. Your poetry speaks to me gallantly. Bravo! - Saxman.


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