And then there was Sun  

serendipidyalpha 49M
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6/6/2006 2:58 am
And then there was Sun

Finally summer has arrived in England and I'm in doubt that now the time to get the theramones out. Woman wearing little more than a smile and guys running round like headless chickens I do fall in the catagory of Gosh I wish I was single but lets face it, ummer will have been and gone before my Mid life crisis has had chance to kick in.

So far I am of the understanding that most people on the site are apt at profile writing but not apt in responding, I know I haven't had chance to get my Pics on but I must admit I do Find videoing a funny way of expressing ones self, Think I'll just do them for now, so if you haven't got a hope in hells chances of viewing them, perhaps cos your too tight to get yourvisa card out then tough. And thats another thing, what is it with all these standard memebers, I'm begining to think I'v lost the plot by upgrading, so If you are a standard member don't contact me unless you are serious about chatting. I know I,ve fallen into the bigginers trap of vulgarity but theres a lot more to me than telling all you woman I have a long tongue and yearn to explore your vulva for hours and hours. (See Vid) There are times when I can use it to say Hello Hello Hello. Have a great day, off to do some consultancy work

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