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sensualtouches3 46M
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2/14/2006 9:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Parting shots

The account fizzles soon, and I thought I'd post some parting shots before it did.

It's been quite an interesting month, to say the least. I've gotten a lot more responses than I thought I might, have met some new friends, a lot of players, and two women that I'm still confused about.

Perhaps after finding the job I'm seeking, I'll re-open this account and begin the search anew. Quite likely, by that point, I'll be ready to move on to something real, and permanent. Which means, a better site suited for such a search. Thus far, I've not found a woman that I can truly say 'I want to stick with this one'. There are two who MAY fit this category.

One of which stood me up (she got horribly drunk) on a night I drove nearly 2 hours to see her. Haven't had any real effort returned yet from that one. Still wondering if she's as interested as she claims.
The other... I just don't know. She is more attractive to me, initially - but who knows?

Both are single working mothers. Both are attractive women. Neither of which I can just drop in and say 'hi', due to this damn job searching not paying off as quickly as I'd hoped. So, not only am I being held back, but maybe they are, too? No doubt that convenience plays a large part in the slow action (slow responses, ineterest..?).

Oddly enough, this site accomplished exactly what I wanted and needed, even though I met only ONE woman. Talking to such a variety of women truly helped me to overcome the last of the 'baggage' that was hindering me, and to 'move on'. It was almost like a 'speed dating' of the variety that people suggest after a break up. "Get out there and DATE! And a variety!".
Am I saying I'm ready? hell no!
I'm ready to date. I'm ready to go out and have fun. I've moved on. But, the heart is still guarded, jaded, and paranoid. THAT part takes time, and there is no getting around it. Sure, a good woman can speed it up with her love, affection, and attention, but... time heals all wounds, and ONLY time can heal some of them.

So. I am now preparing my profile to be mothballed for a time. I wonder if I can do that for my 'needs and desires' ?

Still dunno where I'm going to end up. Have leads in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Which will make an offer?
Where will I be located, so that I can search in earnest for a lovely lady to spend my evenings and weekends with? That woman who will be spoiled with affection and attention? I'm quivering with anticipation, my mind drifts away into daydreams.....

rm_coathanger37 49M/49F
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2/15/2006 12:25 am

It sounds as if the site has been both good for and to you. But you don't have to let it go completely. Do you? Standard members can use the blog section. You can still 'reply' to e-mails and participate in the magazine.

You probably know all this already. I'm just trying to encourage you to hang around a little while.

Wish you luck no mater what you eventually do.

sensualtouches3 46M

2/16/2006 9:53 pm


A guy, get email? LOL!!!

As to looking, no. Tired of it. I've NO clue as to where I'm going to be, or when. As to what I'm finding, it's not what I want, now. This is a 'swinger' site, and I'm no longer so interested in that. Yes, right now, sex would be great. But, I'm broke, unemployed... So, what woman is going to be interested? Not many, to say the least.

Not to mention, there aren't any around here. Have already picked through them. The very few who have replied, have all turned out to be players. All talk, no action. I'm not into those games - I'm honest, I expect anyone I talk with to be honest as well.

So, posting blogs... yeah, just might do that.
Look? nah. Nothing to find.
yeah, I know... just might be one out there to prove me wrong - but I've seen no reason to believe that will ever happen.

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