Did the carpenter nail her....or not?  

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Did the carpenter nail her....or not?

Letter 3

The morning mist rose off the lake as if being magnetically drawn towards the sun as you sat on the cottage deck with your first cup of coffee of the day. You had a restless sleep, he called late last night and said that he had too much work to do and wanted to stay in the city to finish it. He promised you he would drive up first thing in the morning and be at the cottage by noon. You were not happy about this for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t really like staying at the cottage by yourself and secondly the carpenter was coming this morning to give an estimate on fixing the roof at ten o’clock. If only he would have come up yesterday like he said he was going to, you know you would be in a much better mood this morning. You see a pelican soaring overhead, slowly making his way in and out of the mist as you take a sip your coffee. A third reason comes to mind why you are upset he isn’t here with you this morning, his coffee always taste so much better than this stuff.

You sip the coffee and look at the white painted whicker chair that is beside yours. You think to yourself that ‘he’ should be sitting in that chair and enjoying this beautiful morning with you. You recall all the trouble it was to paint those chairs by brush. His suggestion of renting a paint sprayer was shot down by you. You claimed that it should only take thirty minutes or so to paint them. He just sat there and made funny throat clearing noises as you put the finishing touches on the chairs seven hours later. You are glad he doesn’t rub those kinds of things in your face, but you know damn well that he is laughing under his breath.

You look out past the balcony railing to the lake beyond and see ducks swimming by. A smirk of satisfaction crosses your face as you look at the balcony railing. It was just two weeks ago that he approached you from behind as you looked out at the lake after dark. You heard him walk up behind you and his warm body pressed up against your back as he brought you another drink. The rye was going down so smoothly that night; you were so relaxed knowing it was the long weekend as you could get one more night at the cottage this weekend. You felt his arms around your waist, his breath at you neck, the tip of his nose cooled by the evening air nuzzled against the back of your ear. You had made love four times in the last two days but not one of those times was in bed. All though not complaining, you would like to make love then fall asleep in his arms.

You recall how you felt his hands starting to rub your shoulders through your knit sweater; his touch so relaxing your eyes closed as you enjoyed your muscles being manipulated. His hands worked their way down your arms to your wrists then back up again to your shoulders. Holding your left shoulder, his right hand pinches the skin down your back to the waist band of your jeans, then you felt him change hands and repeat this with his left hand. Goosebumps appeared on your arms as you enjoyed the relaxing motion of his hands. You lifted the drink to your lips and take a long draw of the liquid; you wonder how it is that he is able to make a drink for you that you like better than the ones you make for yourself. His massaging stops as he reaches to the balcony for his own drink.

As his arm reaches past you, you feel his body press into yours a bit. The unmistakable bulge in his pants pressing against your buttocks only so lightly. You know he wasn’t trying to do that, it just happened. You wonder to yourself what is he thinking about that would make him swell in his pants. Surely to God just rubbing your back couldn’t possibly do that for him, or could it? A mere seven hours before, he had made love to you in the lake. You recall not trying to raise suspicion with the families who where in the water near you. Immersed in five feet of water, he slowly moved in and out of you as you held him around his neck and your legs around his thighs.

Your dream disturbed by his voice asking you if your drink is mixed ok. You replied by taking your right hand and passing it behind you to his bulge, squeezing it twice and turning your head towards him saying that so far, there is little that you have found about him that disappoints you. A wicked little smile crossed your face.

For some reason you didn’t move your hand from its position on his crotch, your fingers feeling the distortion on his jeans made by his swollen size. You started to slowly massage it up and down and felt his hands join themselves back around your waist. Your fingernails now scratched the material over his manhood, you could tell he wasn’t wearing any under shorts, his length growing unimpeded down the direction of his pant leg. You continued to stroke his length, all the while his grip around you not changing in the slightest. You squeezed his length between the palm of your hand and your fingertips, the material of his pants conforming to his shape. You ran your fingertips up and down both sides of his length. You wonder why some men are longer than others are.

You turned your head back towards the lake as you felt the top button of your jeans being passed through the button hole material around it, feeling the fumbling of his fingertips looking for the metal tab of the zipper. Finding the target, the zipper came down as you felt his lips kissing your earlobes. Your efforts to turn around were thwarted by his hands on your hips, he asked you to stay like this for just a moment longer. You felt his hand make its way down the front of your jeans, his fingertips passing your hairline and coming to a stop at just the right spot. His other hand traveled up inside your sweater towards your breasts, his touch cool against your warm skin. In anticipation, your nipples reacted to his hand temperature. You continued massaging his growing erection as you felt his hands come to life.

He gently pushed you right up to the railing, so that the back of his hand was the only barrier between it and you. Your pace quickened on his member as your clitoris felt the first touch of his finger, his touch on your nipples having sent a signal to your brain that his touch was still a big turn on for you. Your clitoris being manipulated rapidly caused your hips to start a gyrating motion. Your breathing was getting shallower with each breath; your head dropping downwards as your body enjoyed the stimulating sensations he was giving you. Your hand now all but separating his length from the material, all but having formed a tube of it around him. You squeezed harder, your hand enjoying his reaction to your touch. His hot breath now being felt on every part of your neck, his fingertips stroking your clitoris at the perfect rhythm while his hand groped your breast.

You moved your left hand up under the material of your sweater and touched your free breast. The addition of your own familiar touches adding to the eroticism of the moment. His touch on your right hand signaling for you to release your grip on him as he guided it forward to your other breast. You felt his hands disengage from you and find the waistband of your jeans, pulling them downwards to the deck floor. His hand guided your right leg upward so as to pull the material from it, not bothering to remove the jeans from your left leg. You felt him rise up from his crouched position and place his now warm hand on your left hip. Pulling you backwards towards him, he exhorted a gentle forward pressure on your upper body, your hands reached out for the railing. You knew he likes licking your labia from behind and as you expected his tongue to greet it, you were met with the exhilarating feeling of his penis entering you from behind. Your vagina was overwhelmed by the sensation and your breathing caught off guard, became sporadic at best. You collected your thoughts for just long enough to think about how you never even felt or heard him undo his pants.

A long slow exhale was heard from him as he slowly pushed his entire length into you, his pubic bone coming to rest between your buttocks. Your face twisted into a frown of pleasurable pain. You weren’t ready for him just yet; at least you thought you weren’t. You could almost feel the walls of your vagina collapsing as he slowly he withdrew his length. Just at the point of release he reversed his motion with such force you felt as though the wind was being pushed out of you. A sound emitted from your throat that compelled him to say he was sorry. You replied that you were fine and all of a sudden you feel like a fast one will feel good after the slow one in the water.

Taking his cue, his resumed the rapid motion inside of you. You knew from experiencing him before that his staying power is limited in this position and this love making session won’t last long. He once told you that watching you make love from behind was one of the most erotic and stimulating scenes that he has ever experienced. With his hands on your hips, your clitoris now without stimulation, you move your right hand downward towards it. With a directional ability only a woman has, your fingertip found your clitoris instantly. You paced yourself to his speed. Surprisingly, you quickly feel the sensation of an orgasm building. Breaking away from his speed, you run your finger over your clitoris at a much faster rate. The tip of it sensitive to your touch. His length now to the maximum, his rigidity filling you in such a pleasurable way. You feel his body bumping into your buttocks, the slapping noise adding to the sounds of your heavy breathing. You felt his grip tightening on your hips, squeezing the flesh of them just hard enough to get a good grip but not to cause you pain.

Steadying your self on the handrail against his powerful thrusts, his length pushed your body forward with every entry. Your body now tensing up with the anticipation of orgasm, you realize you are on your tiptoes. The pressure inside you building ever more with each stroke of your clitoris. His rapid breathing telling you he is getting closer to his own orgasm, you hear him tell you that he feels you tightening up around him. Asking you, almost pleading with you, he asked you to cum at the same time as he does. Your fingertip increases the pressure on your clitoris as you change the direction of its path across the head of it. Feeling your calf muscles starting to strain, the shaking sensation they gave you as your body neared orgasm. You felt him striking the top of your vagina as he arched his back. His words are barely audible to you, as your inner ear is flooded with the sounds of your own orgasm.

Violently you both shook as his thighs rubbed up against the back of your legs. As you felt him driving himself into you in an upward motion, you recognized the sound as his orgasm overtook him.

Ever so slowly you decreased the pressure and speed exerted on your clitoris, not wanting the feelings to come to an abrupt end, but just slowing down so as to let your body come down off of the high of your orgasm. You felt his stomach come into contact with first your buttocks, and then you’re lower back. Looking to steady himself, you felt his arms pass yours as he reached for a grip on the railing next to your hand. His motion now all but stopped, you still felt him erect inside you. Your mind tells your vagina to savour the sensation as you gently squeeze him with your vaginal muscles. He reacts with a hmmm sound, his upper body now almost completely covering yours. You felt a soft kiss on the back of your neck. Words are not required. The sounds of your breathing telling all that there are to tell.

You cock your head as your hearing strains to decipher the noise. Your ears strain to catch up to your mind and then you know that a sound was there, somewhere. Your eyes violently pop open as you look across the deck to see a figure standing there. Focusing your eyes on him, you realize that your daydream is over and this is reality. The words emitting from him advise you that he is the carpenter and, if this is an inconvenient time for him to stop by, he could return later. Your mind scrambles to take stock of your body.

Your left hand is place flat against your mound, your right hand firmly gripping the coffee cup, your legs placed parallel to each other. Was I moving? How long was he standing there? Did I say anything? Questions run through your mind in a millisecond as you sit up in your chair. As you move, you feel the unmistakable physical sensation your labia send you when they are moist. Oh my God, your wearing light gray sweat pants. An embarrassing flush comes over your face as you stutter out a response to him, something about you having fallen asleep. A polite grin comes over his face.

You tell him that your man is not here yet but is expected at any time. You sit up straight in your chair, knowing full well that in such a position he can’t see any of your bottom. He asks if it would be fine to go up on the roof and have a look at the condition of it. You reply that it would be fine to go ahead and that a ladder is at the side of the cottage. Purposefully not moving a muscle, you wait until he disappears around the side of the cottage. Like a bullet leaving the muzzle of a gun, you leap out of the chair and into the cottage. Racing towards the bedroom, you sit on the side of the bed and remove the sweat pants, checking them briefly for any signs and pull on a pair of jeans. Collecting yourself, you venture outside to see what the carpenter is doing.

From the ground, you see him walking around on the roof, his measuring tape making noise as he drags it around the area. You silently remain in your spot, not wanting to say anything for fear of breaking his concentration. You begin to notice him. The white sleeveless undershirt fits snugly to his upper back and shoulders. His deep tan accentuated by the colour of the shirt. His jeans faded to just the right colour, the left knee having a few loose threads hanging from the small hole there. He notices you and smiles. You feel so awkward right now, why did you come back outside. Why didn’t you just sit back down on the deck chair and wait for him to come back to see you.

As he turns his back to you and places his right foot on the top rung of the ladder, you can’t help but notice how well his jeans fit his butt. Your eyelids open up just a bit wider, them giving approval to the view you just had. Descending the ladder, your eyes follow every move his buttocks make. The material stretching tightly over his buttocks, accommodating the motion of his legs as they propel themselves one past the other. The sound of a twig snapping brings your mind back to reality just in time to see him stop his journey. You immediately raise your eyes to the expected level of his. Instead of turning around, he raises his arms and takes a firm grip on the ladder. You see his shoulder and upper back muscles flex as he takes the weight of the ladder into his control. Turning sideways away from you, your eyes are once again drawn to the tight material on his buttocks. He takes a few steps backwards towards you, as if trying to get closer to you, and bending over slightly, places the ladder on the ground. Your eyes smile as you enjoy the view of the perfectly stretched material around his butt.

As he turns towards you, it is then that you notice his azure blue eyes and strong facile features. You wonder if those are his real eyes or those colored contact lenses. The color is so piercing, seeing right through you. His light brown hair cut short to a style that perfectly fits his head shape, his eyebrows having a slightly darker color than the hair on his head, his high cheekbones perfectly proportioned to his face, the Tom Selleck dimples being pointed to by a neatly trimmed mustache. His full lips framed by a strong chin and elegant nose. His shoulder muscles leading to a well-developed set of deeply tanned arms, the light coloured hair on them barely visible. You notice his neck, a prominent Adams apple in the front, the muscles leading from his neck to his shoulders giving depth to his collarbones. As he tells you that he hopes it will be hot out today, you get a glimpse of his snow-white teeth, his mouth forming words as if in slow motion.

You hear him mention that you hope it will be a nice day out, not to hot because he has another roof job to do and it is tough work when it gets too hot out. You notice the small beads of sweat forming on his brow, very similar to the ones now forming on his semi hairy, well-developed chest. You hear your voice telling him that you hope for his sake that it doesn’t get to hot out today. Without your feet moving, you feel your body move backwards as he approaches you. Your eyes glued to his azure blue emeralds he reaches out his hand to offer you his business card. He introduces himself as John and you reciprocate by telling him your name. He then asks if you could have your man call his cellular phone when it is convenient for him to do so and he would speak to him about the condition of the roof. You reach out and take the card from him. Your index finger and thumb just barely touching his as your hands meet around the card. You feel a little jolt of something going through you as you touched him.

You are suddenly aware that the air is cooler on the shady side of the cabin and you instinctively know your nipples are reacting to the air temperature. Your mind slips to a place where you question if it is the air or him that is exciting your nipples. His eyes never breaking contact with yours, he smiles as his grip on the card loosens. Goosebumps form like a wave over your arms as you know full well your protruding nipples will be even more so now. You wonder if they will be noticeable to him through the light sweater you have on. As he departs, he tells you it was a pleasure meeting you and that he looks forward to hearing from your man. You watch him as he confidently walks away, the jeans still fitting his buttocks oh so very nicely. Your mind asks him if he would like a glass of lemonade, but as he makes no reaction to you, you know that it was your mind talking and not your mouth. The sound of his truck engine starting up breaks the tranquil air as you turn towards the doorway to the cottage. Once turned around, you look down at your chest and are shocked to see the material around your nipples prominently protruding out. Mixed emotions come from within you as you enter the cottage.

Upon entering the cottage, you look in the mirror and wonder to yourself if you think you still have what it takes to get a man like that. Young, firm, healthy, good looking outdoors type man. But why would you want a man like that? Why all these questions you say to the face in the mirror. You place your hands across your chest and rest them on your shoulders. A number of minutes pass as you look at yourself in the mirror. Your man gives you everything that you think you need. Emotional support, mental challenges, a good sex life, physical challenges and happiness. For some reason you question yourself if you give him what he needs. He says he is happy with you. He says he loves you. He says he wants to grow very old with you. Why these self doubts? Why? You close your eyes, take a deep breath then turn around. Heading towards the coffeepot, you see your reflection in the patio door. A smile crosses your face as you see yourself in the glass.

The sound of gravel passing under tires alerts you that he has finally arrived. Your watch says it’s almost half past twelve, late again. You’re almost positive that this man will be late for his own funeral. A personality trait that you do not like. You rise up from the kitchen table and walk towards the patio door that faces the driveway. As he steps out of the car, your eyes superimpose the carpenter standing next to him. You shake your head and walk out onto the deck to greet him. He greets you with a quick kiss and wraps his arms around your back, hugging you tenderly. You feel so safe in his arms, you know you are being protected. He comments that its after noon and you still have your housecoat on, he is glad to see you are relaxing and enjoying the fact that time should stand still when you are at the cottage.

Without saying a word, you take his hands and lead him to the bedroom. Pushing him down on the bed he has this look of wonderment on his face. You stand in front of him and undo the belt of your housecoat. Pulling the belt totally apart, you let the ends drop from your hands to the sides of your body. You watch as his eyes immediately drop from looking at your eyes to a spot about sixteen inches below. With both hands you grasp the housecoat lapels and slowly pull them apart, ever so slowly revealing the light blue silky material hiding beneath. You watch his eyes widen as he sees something that he has never seen on you before. Continuing to spread the housecoat apart, you draw it upwards so that it bulges at your shoulders and then fall backwards off them. Still holding the lapels about chest high you commence to straighten your arms, exposing the configuration of the mystery light blue top. Your arms now straight, you release the garment from your grip and let it fall to the floor. The expression on his face tells you the choice you made buying the two new pieces was a good one.

The top having long spaghetti straps that met up with a triangular cut of silky material that barely covered your breasts. A small white lace bow at the center of the top broke up the endless blue color. The tops length ended at a point just above your hips. You watch his eyes smile widely as they travel downwards to gaze at a new pair of g string panties. The panties having a y shaped cut in the front, accentuating the cut as the barely there material came down off your hips. Another small white bow adorned the top center of the panties, a nice touch you thought as you saw the set hanging on the hanger in the little shop that you frequent. Silently you stand in front of him, no words being exchanged at all. He knows that you are in control here now, its your time and he will be patient. He knows this is not a time for him to make any kind of move.

You smile at him as you close your eyes, feeling your own hands against your thighs as the slowly pull them upwards. Feeling the hip strings of your panties, you hook your thumbs in them and pull them out from your body and inch or two. Running your thumbs forward towards the center of the garment, you slowly turn around so he can see all three hundred and sixty degrees of your wanton body. Your thumbs still clutching the hip strings pass around to the backside. The small triangular shaped piece of cloth at the back comes away from your buttocks as the material is stretched away from them. Continuing your turn back to facing him, you stop and release the string. Spreading his legs with yours, you approach the side of the bed. His sitting position is changed as you suggestively push his shoulders back onto the bed. You know full well that as you bend forward over him the top is falling away from your breasts, offering him a totally unobstructed view of their fullness. Without missing a beat, you see his eyes buried deep in between your cleavage. He is such a tit man; you chuckle to your self.

Your hands reach down for buckle on his leather belt and start the contortions required to push the end of the belt through the buckle. Pulling it through and flipping the metal rod out of the hole, you pull the material out of the buckle and allow it to fall. The bronze metal button on his jeans easily rolls through the buttonhole; your deft fingers finding the metal tab and draw his zipper downwards. You open the waist of his jeans and see the bulge at the bottom of his bvd’s. Your hand’s path starts on his stomach and then turns so that your fingertips point towards his crotch. You look into his closing eyes as you feel the material of his bvd’s pass over the back of your hand, his skin somewhat clammy, the hair passing by your fingertips coarse and thick. The material now easing away from you hand as his bulge approaches. Making contact with it, your fingers part to the side as you encircle him, feeling the warmer skin on your fingers. Gently folding your fingers around his girth you pull him upwards so as to free his length from the cotton confines. His slightly aroused length unfolds and lies flat against his groin. You pull your hand out of his garment and lightly trace one fingernail up and down from base to tip. Your left hand slowly finds it’s way up his shirt to his left nipple. The warmth of his shirt keeping his nipple flaccid, you pass your nail over it and instantly feel his reaction. Continuing to trace your fingernail over his manhood, it’s length ever increasing until the tip appears out of the top of the elastic band. As if drawn by some need to have his taste immediately, you lower your head and your lips meet with the tip of him. A droplet of precum formed at the tip, the taste instantly recognized by your taste buds. You rotate your head so that your right ear rests against his stomach as your lips take the tip into your mouth. His temperature being cooler than your mouth, your tongue makes a pathway around the tip and a moan is heard escaping his chest.

Pushing the material of his bvd’s towards his testicles you place your thumb between his penis and his groin. Simultaneously you use your mouth and hand to raise him into the air. His manhood standing straight up in the air, your mouth starts a downward assault on his length. His nipple now being squeezed between your fingers, you feel one of his hands the back of your neck. Fully erect, his hips start to make love to your mouth. You release him from your mouth and stand up. Not moving a muscle, he watches as you pull the straps of your top to the sides of your shoulders, letting it fall freely to the floor. Hooking your thumbs in the elastic of your panties, you guide the thin material down the length of your legs to your ankles, removing them oh so slowly.

Standing in front of him you whisper to him that if he wants you, you will be waiting on the deck. You pick up your housecoat and pulling it on you walk away from the bedroom doing up the belt. The noise of the bedsprings alert you to his movement but you continue your stroll to the deck without turning around.

As you approach the white whicker chair, your balance is altered by his strong grip around your waist. Almost violently, you are spun around and kissed on the lips with such passion that you are sure that your lips will be bruised. Quietly, he quickly sits on the chair, pulling his pants down to his knees and allowing his still fully erect penis to feel the fresh outside air. Reaching out to you, you join hands as you straddle him. Reaching down underneath, you take his rigid member and hold it upright so as to enter you with the initial attempt.

As he fills your vagina with his size, you look at him.
His salt and pepper hair standing out so clearly against the white paint on the chair.

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3/9/2006 9:02 pm

Mmmmmm..very sexy..love your style of writing..you have alot of talent hope to see more..

sensually_yourz 60M

3/10/2006 7:04 am

Thank You Saddle....speaking of sexy...love your choice of where to hang jewelry !!

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