Impressions.... OF Sexpo!!! (AKA Taboo)  

sensually_4ever 43M/F
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1/18/2006 8:32 pm

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4/27/2006 8:44 pm

Impressions.... OF Sexpo!!! (AKA Taboo)

well... People..

I did it, I went outside of my bubble and went to Taboo. I don't know what I expected People fornicating in corners, and explicit demos on how to use a Dildo as well as people being restrained? OMG and don't forget the dungeon, that scared the hell outta me.

Well reality turned out to be much more mundane, but still interesting. It was like a Trade show, Booths of diferent ideas and people selling them. I saw a booth for woman to stand up to pee, air brush tanning, hedonism, Body Painting, Piercing, and much more.

It was at the Vancouver Trade center, lol next to believe it or not, The Bridal Show... I was also rather amused to discover if you bought tickets to the Bridal Show you received tickets to Taboo as well. (Though it was also interesting to note that the reverse was not true)When you got into the show you are greeted by fabulous girls handing out pamphlets and then you enter.

We did a tour of the whole place first, before stopping to look at anything. Then we looked more extensively around. We had been there for an hour when I turned to my friend and said.. you know I am outside of my bubble, and I am here, I want to do something risky!!! Well several minutes later we were over at the Tattoo booth, and we looked, but we didn't really find anything to our liking... so we wandered some more.. and came to the Body painting booth...

Yes people I can see you have already reached the conclusion.. I (ME!!!) went topless at Sexpo and got I ripped off my shirt and bra and exposed myself to the curious onlookers as a wonderful painter named Jeff painted a lovely and intriguing marine scene on my chest and belly.

Now if you have ever seen me on cam.. YOu know I do not have a great body, and I thought about that before I did it. Then I thought.... what the hell, why not? What harm will I come to if I do this.. at the worst I will be embarrassed at the best I will begin to believe that I am an attractive and sexy woman... Believe it or not, it worked... I walked around topless for two hours at Sexpo with only a Paint covering my top half, and I have to tell you , IT WAS FANTASTIC.

It was, liberating, it was exhilarating, and it was me defying the world to make fun of me. And what do you know no one did? It was a knock literally upside the head. I urge you if you ever get the chance to try it.. I did.. and it was amazing and I dare you to feel the same

OK OK OK .. Enough babbling...

Sens (more daring Sens)

sleeplessknight1 69M

1/19/2006 4:35 am

Sounds great.....
You obviously had great fun......
and you had the body painting as an indelible reminder.....

."You should get your body painted.."
....I will have it done today...
but where upon my body?
do I want the paint to stay....

I hope it comes off easy...
what if they make mistakes
be lumbered with a big brown a..
or a grim or funny face

You see I'm not adventurous,
and I am really shy.....
innocent, quiet, retiring....
so perhaps a tear, below my eye.

So I had the body painting,
and I went for the whole hog....
not an inch uncovered.....
and now look just like a frog...

they overdid the color....
mistake, said "I liked the color green"
and yes it is indelible,
but in the grass I cant be seen......

another lyric..poem I mean......

They did a good job Sensually...

and ty.....


not sure if we have anthing like that here.....

sensually_4ever 43M/F

1/19/2006 6:24 am

Oh Sleepless Knight

As usual, YOur lyrics strike my funny bone....



sleeplessknight1 69M

1/20/2006 5:20 am

ok..this one is totally off the subject.....

a verse or lyrics for a few....

and do have a fantastic day..... glad you enjoyed your excursion.....

May Peace of mind be yours.....

color blue]Restful Slumbers

Lay my head upon the pillow, Pray for sleep,
and that my restful slumbers, will be deep.
To take away the cares, that cloud my mind.
Give me some rest, and peace of mind.

And if I wake, and see another day,
may a bright new world, be before my gaze.
One of love.. of hope.. relief...
a world thats safe, and full of peace.

"but if I die before I wake
and My God, my Soul will take ..."
I will not know, I will not see,
if my hopes my dreams, have set you free.

but I do pray, for better days.
Pray cares and woes, may go away.
I pray for you all, that is my gift,
and hope it may, your hearts uplift.

If you believe, or perhaps not,
to me I care, not one small jot.
It's given free, and there's no cost,
it's one of Love, from one whose lost.

One who's lost, in this thing called Life.
One who's lost, within this world of strife.
My hopes my prayers for all mankind.
Is one of Love, and Peace of mind....

a poem by sleeplessknight 2006

sensually_4ever 43M/F

1/20/2006 6:56 am


as always you stune me with your imagry and prose.. ty

BTW European hot Tub???? Sleepy devil You!!!!

sleeplessknight1 69M

1/20/2006 10:12 am

hahahaha was just takin a dip..puttin toes in the water...
I never know where I am

and glad yu liked the verse...sorry its in wrong place.....

tc Sensually.....

LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/68F
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1/20/2006 9:35 pm

makes "sens" to me

congrats on your bravery ... sounds super!!! liberated or what gal!!!

hi gal ... thanks for your post on mine .[post 154075]... yes, we do have an ...err ... interesting series going, ils and I ... lol ... bi the way, maybe u would jump in sometime .... im not the jealous type, lol ... he's a really neat guy!!!! I replied on that post. Also recommend [post 154025] where the real "heavy breathing" takes place.

I see u made friends with sleepless .. another neat guy and fav. of mine.

Keep up the good work

ilsgicemru 73M
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1/21/2006 5:07 am

Sensual ................ My friend Lil Squirt sent me here ..... Said you were a real sweetheart !!

I got a bit turned on by your story .... I could feel your fear and your exhilaration !! .... I experienced a little of that when I first exposed myself on my blog .. body and soul !! ... No one laughed . in fact they smiled . and I was able to shed . that which has kept me seperate from others for so long ... My Fears !!! ......................... I don't think that I ever knew what the word "liberating" meant until now !! ................. This whole experience in blogland has been "A knock upside the head" for me !!

I am going to "step outside of my bubble" a bit here .... I have been to your profile pic ....The large version......... I asked Lil to tell you this . since I don't know you . but since I am here. I will say it !!! ..... You have nice breasts !! .. Very soft and sensual skin . nice color !! ... I would like to have been there in Vancouver to see you reveling in yourself that day !!

I will be back to read more of you here !! .................... Ilsg

sensually_4ever 43M/F

1/21/2006 7:04 am


Well your pics of the most sexy lady in cartoondom leave me... delighted...

and sleepless has become a favorite Knight I must admit.

and Now I am going to wander over to yout blog and explore a little


LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/68F
3394 posts
1/21/2006 9:01 am

hi sensi .... so glad ils visited you .... u 2 actually have so much in cumon, (oops, typo?) both in exporing, and successful growing stages , both great people ... i thot u would enjoy one another ..... hmmm, an interseting 3some developing? ... as well as a cpl of nice 2 somes .... nice thots

sensually_4ever 43M/F

1/21/2006 11:14 am


good twists on words there.. but then that doesn't seem to be a problem for you does

I look forward to continuing to read your fantasy's.. and reading watever fantasy's you care to leave and I will respond to em...


LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/68F
3394 posts
1/21/2006 8:44 pm

twists words ..... Moi?????? ... aw, cum on...........hehehe

Say, the 2 stories , VIP Room and Asia Stripper are True Tails .. every word ... just so u know that .... my favorite play times i think.

Say, would u like me to ask ils to join in BC Chat?? .. might be nice?
Like yer new story .,.... sexy, very sexy

sensually_4ever 43M/F

1/21/2006 11:05 pm

LIL.. ask ils to join.. I think that would be

DO IT..lmao!!!!

Sens.. thanks for liking the story though...

ilsgicemru 73M
2822 posts
1/22/2006 2:00 pm

Sens ..................... I hope that my comment on your B.J. post stuck !!!! .... I chuckled while writing it !!!! ..... I'm going to get a little serious here before Lil gets me laughing again .... This post and the comment I left . got me thinking yesterday . and caused me to change my profile pic . and post a blog about why I changed my photo !!!! ...... I guess that we were inspiring each other !!! .... I realised that I was hiding myself behind my nude and semi nude pics . and that I really didn't have anything to hide about !!!! ..... The freedom that comes from this blogging is amazing !!!! ... I just want to walk around town and shout . I'M FREE !!!!! ..... I'M FREE !!! ........ Hard to explain in such short time . how much Lil has helped me toward that end !!!! ..... She really is Mrs. Robertson !!

Also wanted to tell you that your painted breasts look great on your profile !! ... I commented on my blog responses to you . about that !!!!
.................... G

nedthebundler 57M/60F

1/24/2006 6:15 pm


Congratulations on your "exposure" to the world. Once you've been nude with a group of people, it's no longer a big deal.

Madness takes its toll. Exact change please!

sensually_4ever 43M/F

1/24/2006 9:35 pm

lol@ ned.. well...

Nude.. and covered in paint huh???

same dif really. I do belive you are


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