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3/18/2006 6:17 am

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WHat is there to say???

the after effects of sex, sometimes leave me speechless, and my mind quiet.

I just had a tryst, with my hubby's full knowledge and approval. The person that I trysted with was good for me. He made me feel powerful, strong and sexy. He let me revel in my senuousness (is that a word???lol)

I blew his mind with my mouth on his cock and the feelings I was able to arise outta him.. I love giving BJ's especially when they are appreciated, and I have to say he certainly seems to love receiving them.

I walked out of the bedroom with a self satisfied grin on my and so did he I believe.

Course now it is time to reciprocate for my hubby....LOL

hmmmmm. this journey that we have undertaken together, seems to oddly make us more frank together, and now he and I talk far more than we used to.. I think before we started in this life style we were heading into the trap that most married couples fall inot.. Stagnation that only wakes up with a huge event happening, IE, an affair or a life threatening illness. I am extrememly happy that hubby and I, woke up and looked around together before the sleepwalking completely took us over.

He is my rock in an uncertain world and this trysting that we do? only serves to reinforce the fact to me.

SO.. here I am, a hickey on my neck and sore hips, and happier and more in love with my husband than ever.

no longer an but not quite a

nedthebundler 57M/60F

3/18/2006 12:58 pm

Amazing isn't it, how allowing each others freedom makes you want to come together even more? Congratulations are in order.

Madness takes its toll. Exact change please!

sleeplessknight1 69M

3/19/2006 8:35 am

In my case think its heart burn!.......
Whats that word yu used....SEX.... (DO NOT COMPUTE)


rm_bbw__fan 51M

3/19/2006 11:50 am

one of my standard question for fellow BC room chatters is:

so, got a sly , well-earned grin on your face?

you describe that "walkinga little lighter on my feet , almost bounce walk" that comes leaving the scene of much shared, long anticipated giggles, bliss, raw lust , grinding , exchanged deep hard stares at magic moments , with the gossamer touch of a lady shining in her own , self-created afterglow.

how often do the phrases

"inspire me " , " fanatsy-cum-tru maker " , and " surpassed expectations "

lead to not just a tryst , fleeting but cherished , into something where fingers are crossed that this is just the start of a friendship that definitely could have legs for the long shared journeys .

i particulary chortled out loud when you casually toss off the thought that hubby's turn had to be next .

tell the shy kids on the lurker's couch the answer to this question :

did you earn "Wingman Points " on the payback to Mr sens?

sensually_4ever 43M/F

3/19/2006 12:01 pm

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