AFter effects.... and  

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7/14/2006 5:22 am

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AFter effects.... and

As I sit here and stare at the screen.. my early morning thoughts all a jumble I ponder what to write... I haven't written much lately and though I love to do it. I don't understand why I haven't been.

I think that there is a build up in me and I am afraid to let it go for fear it will explode literally like a pimple.. (awful analogy I know)

I want to do my usual after party Blog.. but I think I am just going to have to ease into it ok? The day was kinda crazy we got caught in traffic resulting from an accident trying to do a good deed for a friend.. I bought a bathing suit and a bra that day... I was desperate that no matter what, that day was going to be a good day and for the most part it was.

The party was busy, chaotic and a hoot.. as they usually are. I got presents when I didn't really expect any.. I am so pleased that people thought of and remembered it was my bday.... IT was awesome. I even got a wand from Magic in memorium of the timees I used to beat people over the head with the "magic, defunct malfunctioning horny wand" in

I drank a fair bit.. but I was told I had to as I was participating in the first ever that I know about, BJ Idol...

It was intersting.. lol. and a memory of the "Omg I did that" kinda I think I will do it again.. I have to defend my crown you know...LOL

That's all I will say about that.. other to expound on the embarrasment factor I saw.

Us woman don't really think about it.. but men are embarrassed about things like that, most normal males anyways.. They all worry about size and girth and whether or not it is acceptable. I find that the male norm seems to be 6- 7.5 inches.. and the men I have seen seem to think this is small... Now I am not a size queen that's for damn sure.. and if the male I was interested in had a really big cock I would probably Men seem to be self concious about that, where for woman it all has to do with their own body image. So men and woman aren't so not we all have our own issues and things that we wish to change about ourselves.

That thought leads me to another.. funny that men will quite often show their cock on cam. but when it comes down to real comparisons they run and hide, though I suppose I am not being fair...
We had a lot of volunteers for BJ Idol, when it was still behind the computer screen, but when the time came to actually DO anything.. we had trouble rounding up people

go figure.. a friend coined the term to me.. *keyboard casanovas*.. all talk and no game

Well here's hoping the rematch garners more competition or it will just be all about me handing the crown back to the other competitor... and us trading it back and forth occasionally

Sens... (with Temporary Idol Crown)

Phoenix_has_rose 43F

9/6/2006 10:45 pm

lol. well you know.. they were talking about another one on the 16th

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