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7/31/2006 6:29 pm

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Silver Balls

SILVER BALLS(sung to the tune of Silver Bells with the opening verse before the refrain.)

Sexy Ads
Busy people
Dressed provocatively

In the air, theres a feeling of arousal

People Talking
People emailing
Thinking about that first meet.
And at the end of the month
I'll think.

Silver Balls
Silver Balls
It's time to think of renewing
Thinking out loud
Hear it now
Soon my membership will expire.

My SILVER BALL is all over in a couple of days.

I wonder; should I renew?

Should I not renew?

Should I leave the site?

I have received a load of letters from married or attached people. I honestly just want to meet someone single, able to spend some time exploring life. Is there another like-minded person here that I might connect with?

Is there someone else who leads a perfectly normal life that is lacking the sensual activity ?
(not counting the activity I do all by myself, of course)

Or, do I just need to spend all my time in the real world and leave this one behind?

I would like to connect with another bright, sensual human being. Yes, bright. I don't want to teach someone how to act in public, how to prepare a nice evening, how to hold a conversation that doesn't revolve around only them, and how to have SEX without even touching each other.

I really do believe that intelligence and creativity are an important aspect of SEX. Everything isn't get down, slippery, slimy, hot sex.

Sometimes it is about a conversation. Sometimes it is what you DO NOT say.

Sometimes it is cutting the cucumbers for the salad while he is looking over the counter having a cool drink.

Yes, sometimes it is not about the SEX. Sometimes, it is only about SEX.

Perhaps my connection will not have to be a man, but hmmmmm.... I WANT A man. I love men. I want a man because only a man can truly and really be inside of your body, moving and throbbing and his soul becoming one with your soul.

A woman? Sure. I do have a fantasy about making love with a woman. Maybe I should. But, that is another blog, sometime soon.

If I could meet a man who adored my brain, adored my kisses, adored my whole being; like I would adore him and his. That would be too great. Yes, the SEX would be amazing, I think. Some chemistry and an open mind; wow. Two people who have SEX should really adore the other. That is a good thing. Being adorable should be natural. We are all adorable to someone, somewhere, aren't we?

Do I want someone to adore me and want to have a relationship with me? Yes. Absolutely. Sweet! Do I want someone to adore me without having the whole relationship thing? Yes. Absolutely. But, SEX is about a connection, a relationship. Some sort of relationship.

Does it mean you have to be together all the time? No.

Does it mean that there is mutual respect and friendship? Yes.

SEX for SEX sake? Yes.

SEX all day long? Yes.

SEX all night long? Yes.

SEX over the phone when you are apart? Yes.

SEXY phone calls and email and messages throughout the day until I see you? Yes.

I really do think that when two people share an intimate connection, they should know more about each other than their first name and their screen name.

I wonder if I should continue to explore this site?

I want to explore.

I want to keep my self worth and my ability to look at myself in the mirror, so if I stay, I will continue to be discriminating.

I want to have SEX. (A lot of SEX----see next blog entry for some of my really explicit and down and slimy thoughts)

I want to know someone who respects me for me and will not lie and cheat to get to me.

I want to feel that kind of SEX that is worth all the time spent getting to it.

I wonder if I want too much?


rm_verygood269 43M

7/31/2006 6:38 pm


sensualgirfriend replies on 7/31/2006 7:06 pm:
why, thank you, my dear verygood269

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