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rm_toohotque 51M
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3/6/2005 2:31 pm

Its complex,, a derivative of the combined experiences and expectations of living into the craving of a sexual encounter. I emphasize 'craving' as the fundamental beginning of sex. Recognizing that the want is 'probably' mutual is cursory to advancing toward stronger assesments in each of the conplayants. To get to this point of mutual assessment there has already been rapid calculation and assessment processing in the brain...

A touch will end all uncertainty and processing will begin to turn to becoming engaged in bodily stimulated risk/reward activity.

I get to this point and I am naturally there for the woman, hoping she will take me.

To an extent, minds need to escape the deluge of information and indulge in a sensual physical drama that is pleasureful. Sex is a wonderful escape valve in this regard. Women want reinforcement for this need in love-making if they can find it. Most will also turn to less indulgent physical activities to reduce mental stress.

The lonely-me-lonely-you setting is psychological. The human mind will slip into the assessment processing phase readily... both will risk an encounter if everything is alright.

A woman might get appeased temporarily by an aroma that is starkly different from her own, but it might raise feelings attached to childhood familial stimulations to smell that were at that time made unconsciously... eventually a woman will usually feel the urge to expel the manly smells from her domain, associating all sorts of connections to what is undesireable at the time.


rm_CustumBill 61M
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3/7/2005 8:56 am

I have been thinking about this question of your for about a week now, how can I explain what the odorless scent is. I know what is does, I even know why it does it. But how to tell you what it is, and then it came to me. I’ll explain. Have you ever been alone and thinking about the guy who rocked your world? Did you close your eyes for a moment and bang there was his face? Have you even been in a bar trying to talk to that brainless fellow and the whole time just wanting to screw his brains out not knowing why? Well the answer is, there is no word known to mankind that describes the scent you refer to. Or is there? Wait, yes there is one, its called communication. That odorless scent is a nonverbal way our bodies talk to each other. I use to know a guy who was not a very attractive man, could not hold a conversation to save his life, and was not the smartest man I have ever know. And yet, the smartest and most beautiful women I have ever seen or known were killing themselves to jump into bed with him. What I find even more interesting is that when the scent from both parties mingle doing sex the emotional and physical over load one feel is so intense all you want to do is more. It’s that primal instinct that is in the very foundation of our genes.
I hope this helps.


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