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3/9/2005 5:32 am

Hello know me i know lets get together so that we can screw....

ooops...bit blatent but you get that !

hows things in the U S of A ?
Being an Australian livign in London town i can tell you that there jsut doesnt seem to be the kind of quality here in the UK as there is in USA. No fair considering that if i were there i would def get in contact and play hide the sausage with you !!!

rm_reisaree 44F
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3/26/2005 4:11 pm

Hi Sensual.. I wasn't planning on contributing, but your Blog sorta demanded that I do! As we are Sista's there is no sex between us, but were I ever to choose a woman to have sex with (or be submissive to) then sexy Sensual would most definetly be my #1 choice. This woman is hot, intelligent, beautiful... just to name a few. Everyone should enjoy her beauty but don't forget to take notice of that smart mind she possesses. Glad that you are who you are, sista, and very glad that we met.
Your sista,

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