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10/1/2005 11:53 am

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about me

i know my first message may have been really not nice but i really am a nice girl i just had to say the things i needed to say.

Why I'm on this site....
One day I was really bored between class and wanted to find sites to meet people in a fun way. I typed in "dating site" on google and this popped up! I never have seen anything like this so since it was free to join (originally lol) I did it.It was crazy how many responses I got. I don't have trouble meeting guys in real life but I think it's fun to go here bc some of the people I meet, I would have never met otherwise!

Some people ask me...

Why do I like white guys more?
I honestly don't know--I just do! I don't think that race should matter so why shouldn't I be with a white guy? i love all interracial relationships so i like being with people that some others may think i should be! (if that makes sense

They also ask me if I'm really black. YES! why would I put up two different photos (only a couple not-so-smarties have asked me that and say I'm something else? Can people realize that computers and digital cameras have weird lighting --esp in a not very lit room? Think people! Luckily, as I said before, not many people have asked me that so thats good

this blog is mainly a way for me to release my stress from this site bc sometimes it gets frustrating I'm a very nice happy fun girl so i have to be mean somewhere 0

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10/11/2005 11:14 am

You may have to remind a few folks that "black" means anything from Mariah Carey to Foxy Brown and all shades in between.


I used to get annoyed when I'd get racial questions, but now I just blog about them (or ignore them altogether). LOL

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