Fallen Angel  

segwar 37M
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3/17/2006 9:06 pm
Fallen Angel

He was an angelic dream of god,
with wings of chiseled rock,
and the skin of smooth ---.
Commanded by the almighty,
to lead the battle of the never
With the heart of solid dimond ,
with no tears to weep in them.

Armed with a sheild of steel,
his sword glimmered of lightning.
donning an armour of pure gold.
he set forth leading his army.

As the battle horn was sounded,
His heart filled with infinite courage.
A gift he had since he spawned.
He charged the battle lines
of the Demonic army.
The enemy who never sleeps
was waiting for him.

As the Battle raged on ,
The gift of god began to fade,
Marred by the Betrayel of his own.
As he fought on galantly
With his enemies and friends.
His strenght began to fade.

With Blood oozing out
Of the wounds of battle and betrayal,
He layed in the infinite reality of the aftermath.
His cold heart tried to wimper
But no tears came out of those eyes.

Alas,The angel made for battle,
was not allowed to cry.
and in his heart came the yearning,
to be held and loved.
for someone who could weep his tears ,
and howl his cries.

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