Question: Understanding?  

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8/25/2005 4:16 am

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Question: Understanding?

what is it about ppl that just don't want to try to understand when u explain something? I figure most of the time it's just plain ignorance, or is it actually fear?.

More and more ppl from collegues to friends, even ppl I care about seem to question me on answers I give them to their questions. For christ sake u asked the question, I'm just giving you my opinion. Even when you explain, it seems they don't understand (or is it don't want to understand?). I mean it's fine if you can't understand the point I'm trying to make I'll just re-explain until u get it or if you suddenly get one of those 'light-bulb' momments and have a better solution or answer, all the better I say.

What really gets on my nerves is the ppl who go like "Uh-huh, ok", nods their head like one of those 'head on spring' toys and then promptly comes back in like 2 mins asking the same thing but in a different manner. It f**king pisses me off but u know what fine; I'll explain it again and somehow 99% of the time it's back to the head-nod, off-i-go, back in 2mins routine for the next (insert number greater then 3) f**king times.

Talk about time wasting!, In the office I can see how it's a good tactic to 'ular-ing'. But it f**ks up my time and ruins my mood. Then I will feel all shitty and the next guy/gal who comes up is going to get the good news from me. I hate when that happens.

when it's ppl you know it sometimes turns into an all out nuclear crisis! F**k that! I hate getting into an argument with an ignorant person, especially when I know I am right. I surpose I am as much to blame for persuing the topic but I am not one to back down especially when I know what I'm talking about. The problem is, it either ends up as a mexican-standoff, which is good if you think about it, or remember the nuclear crisis? it has become a war.

Then there are those f**kers that love to try and catch you out. These tossers take special glee in f**king with your mind. I think it's a superiority thing for them. Somehow they always screw up after a while and you can tell when they are doing it just to rattle your nuts. God, the number of these kind of ppl out there are mind-boggeling. I read somewhere some of them actually get-off doing this. How to handle them? beats me. Most of the time I just shut my mouth and nod (a bit ironic me thinks!).

i was kinda of hoping to get some magical-karmic insight if I write this down, somehow it doesn't seem to come to me so I guess I will have to bear this crap or until some enlightned soul comes along and points the hidden answer to this question.

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