Boom Chicka Wah Wah: PART 3  

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6/13/2006 7:11 pm
Boom Chicka Wah Wah: PART 3

Continuation of Boom Chicka Wah Wah: PART 1 & Boom Chicka Wah Wah: PART 2

Once in our towels we made our way to the back room. There were people on the couches, at the bar and milling about. Most people were still in their towels. We roamed around and found there were rooms with locked closed doors and seating against the wall in front of them, kind of like a waiting area. Then a little further back we saw an open room with two couples f*cking. Me of course being a wanna be voyeur was in heaven. I was SO excited!! We picked a spot in the corner against the wall so we could watch and still do stuff. We started kissing , and then touching… and then I knelt between his thighs and blew him. Now also if you have read my blog in the past you know two things 1) I really enjoy giving head most times 2) I’m pretty damn good at it from what the men I’ve been with have told me. So there I was in my zone that I get into when I’m going down on someone, when all of the sudden this couple comes up. The guy sits to my left and the woman to CB’s left. The guy started to touch my arm and gently pulled my hand away from CB and placed it on his cock which was very limp. The woman’s red finger nailed hand wrapped itself around CB’s c*ck as I was sucking on his balls. The woman’s just as equally red mouth found it’s way onto his c*ck so I couldn’t move back up and that was the guys chance to pull me all the way over. Now I didn’t really want to start sucking on a limp dick… but I thought “well this is what it’s all about, so I’ll go along with it”

I must have been blowing this guy for about 5 minutes (mind you I had been going down on CB for about 10 minutes of so already… time was a little off back there). I say this just so you have an idea of knowing how long everything was going on. After 5 minutes the guys dick was still limp as it was in the beginning…. Which was very frustrating because I know I’m better than that. So I looked over at CB and the red lipped woman and he had an interesting look on his face, which made me unsure… so I moved my right hand over to him up his leg and chest and he took it in his, so we were at least connected in some way during this whole thing. The guy finally for semi hard and then I pulled away and he just got up and he and his woman left. No “thank you” or anything! I think he used me because his woman didn’t give good head!! LOL Later CB told me they were speaking some other language and the guy had been telling his woman to “get in there” or something… poor lady… when I saw her later she didn’t look like she wanted to be there.

I put my towel that had slipped off back on and sat next to CB and we laughed a little about it all. We got up and made it to the bar in search of water and condoms… we figured they would be provided since everyone was naked… but we couldn’t find where… I should have just asked… but it didn’t occur to me to ask. So CB went to get some from the locker. When he came back we looked around more and found a large room in the back with beds lining the wall and about 15 couples f*cking on them and the wall in front of the beds lined with people waiting to get on them.

Surprising to me was how quiet everyone was for the most part. I mean come on there are 30 + people having sex in one room, and there were very few moans and sounds?? Geez! Now also as some of you know already I’m not a quiet sex person. If I am having a good time even if I don’t come I’m still very vocal. CB knows this as well. We watched for I don’t know how long … maybe 10-15 minutes, his towel had come off and he was rock hard. He started to bite my shoulder… which is a HUGE turn on for me and I started to stroke his c*ck. An opening came up right in front of us, so I jumped on and slipped my towel off. He went right to work and went down on me getting me all hot and bothered. There were mirrors on the ceiling (of course there were!) so that was interesting to see myself get worked over as well as other people having sex. The only thing I was disappointed about was that because my head was right against the headboard area my head was cut off from my viewing… that was the only downside to the whole night because I would have liked to see my reaction to stuff. But if that’s the only downside… that’s not bad eh?

With CB finger f*cking me I started getting louder. He moved up and I got him “ready” even more, the condom came on and he forged ahead. He was doing a really great job, and I was enjoying myself which I’m sure everyone could tell. I got louder with my moans and told him “F*CK ME HARDER!” and he did. After while he got tuckered out and slowed down, and for some strange reason I started laughing. I mean full on laugh my ass off laugh. I think it was that the whole experience kind of hit me and I thought it was a little funny. Not in a bad way, it’s just…. I mean come on I’m getting f*cked in front of 50+ people and I feel like it’s totally ok and have no shame what so ever. Not that I think I should feel shame but I was not even embarrassed or unsure of myself or CB, all was great. Of course I’m sure I caused some people to think I was odd, or wonder if I am always like that when I’m having sex…. And it made CB move up and peer down at me with a funny look and ask if I was ok, in which I responded with more laughing. He moved in front of me kneeling and I rolled over on my stomach and took him in my mouth again. I realized though that it was not the best position, and I kept having to move my legs cause I was getting a cramp in my calf, plus I wasn’t able to really suck him that well in that position so I couldn’t get into as much as I would have liked. I didn’t last all that long… maybe 5 minutes in that position and stopped. We got our shit together and got up to leave. We put our towels back on and were almost out of the room when we ran into the E & S. We talked to them a little but nothing else, again a little weird. That was ok though… we were having fun and that was the point. ......

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