Boom Chicka Wah Wah: PART 2  

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6/13/2006 7:10 pm
Boom Chicka Wah Wah: PART 2

Continuation of Boom Chicka Wah Wah: PART 1

Dance music pumped through the speakers, people were everywhere and of course porn was playing silently on flat screens scattered throughout. I guess it’s not normally packed, but it was this night! When talking earlier in the week CB said he kept picturing the scene from “Eyes Wide Shut”, I had told him that it wasn’t going to be anything like that, and he knew that as well, it’s just when you don’t know what to expect you tend to dream up stuff. We were a little overwhelmed, I mean since neither of us had been to a place like this we didn’t know how it was all suppose to work. So we just kind of stood there and waited for the couple to come in and help us get to know everything a little better.

They finally made it in, however because it was so busy we didn’t really get to talk to them much, and I’m not sure why the guy didn’t try to talk much because when I had been talking to him the last couple of weeks he seemed to really want to see if something could happen with us. We did talk to one girl for a little but then she was pulled away. After awhile the guy (I’ll call him E) saw us and asked if we wanted to join him and S (his wife) in a side “quiet” room, we did. CB went off to get something to eat at the buffet they had and I stayed and talked with S. She was nice, but not very open, I think she was having an “off” night. We all have those to I wasn’t offended. After CB got back and was done eating E & S asked if we wanted to get out on the dance floor, we did. Now neither CB nor I know how to dance really…. And many times it does not matter because it’s all about having fun, and no one is going to notice you unless 1) you are really good or 2) really really bad. We are neither so no one really noticed us.

We were dancing, movin against each other… you know workin it LOL and all was good. A problem though with dancing is that if you don’t do it often you get tired. So after several songs I needed a breather and wanted something refreshing to eat, so I got some fruit. We wanted to get to the other side of the club and decided to do it via the dance floor because we thought it would be easier and more fun. On the way we saw many things… scantily clad women being felt up and down… a guy getting a blow job against the mirrored wall, and two guys dancing some crazy ass dancing with this woman. I mean they were flipping her into sex positions and mock f*cking her it was crazy! I had felt a little out of place this whole time because I do not dress slutty and thus didn’t have anything like that to wear, and I felt very vanilla next to all these half dressed women. Now that I think about it… I hope CB wasn’t disappointed in what I wore, or embarrassed Oh well… nothing I can do about it now. My outfit didn’t stop guys from looking me up and down and smiling… and of course I gave my coy smile back, however no one approached me.

CB made a comment while on the dance floor about women being the initiators and I replied close to his ear with “What you mean like this…” and kissed his neck and then moved in and kissed his lips. I wasn’t planning on being the aggressor, but f*ck I wanted something to happen and since I was too chicken shit to make a move on someone else thus far I made my move on him. After I kissed him he said “Well I meant women and women” I laughed in response.

We moved off the dance floor shortly after that and made it to the less dense hallway outside the bathrooms. Standing there talking we looked unsure about what to do next, and he said “I’m a little scared” I smiled and stood in front of him and leaned in. We started making out and it got pretty hot, hands roaming, lips seeking … mmmm…. We broke apart and he looked at his phone to see what time it was, it was about 12 “Do you think it’s too early?” “No” I replied

There was a back room for people to go (clothes not allowed) to have some “fun". We made our way back to the locker room area where we stripped and put a towel on. Now for those of you who have read my blog from the beginning and remember and for those who are new to my blog here is this tidbit of info: I started my sexual journey a mere 5 months ago. So the first time (since I always grew up very modest) I was naked in front of someone was 5 months ago, and now I’m going to be semi to full nude in front of tons of people! I thought I was going to be really self conscience and nervous …. But for some reason I wasn’t. Maybe it was because everyone else was naked too. I mean there were all kinds of bodies as well… so that made me feel good, and since there were lots to look at why would someone look at me? ........

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