A little Diversion of the mind  

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6/21/2006 4:10 am

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A little Diversion of the mind

I wake up to fine my wrists tied to the bed which was quite a feat since you know I’m a light sleeper… but somehow you managed it… I glance around sleepily with a half grin on my face. The sun is starting to filter through the curtains and it lays patches of golden light on me and I can faintly feel its warmth in the cool room. I shiver slightly realizing I’m without a blanket to cover me, my nipples harden and I press my legs together. I wonder where you are as I close my eyes and think of the night before.

Some time passes and I almost drift off to sleep when I hear the click of the key unlocking the door. I leave my eyes closed as you enter. I smell fresh bread and tea. Quietly you place your items on the table and I feel the weight of your body dip me a little on the bed. Your fingers dance across my skin and it takes all my might to not really react. Your fingers roam all over me causing little fires to erupt all over. Your mouth hovers above my half-open mouth and your breath stir with mine. Your tongue grazes over my lower lip and then you move into kiss me a little more. I take advantage of the fact that you think I’m asleep and move my head up and capture your tongue with my lips sucking it in. You moan against me and your hands are now in my hair. We kiss each other in a fever, my hands gripping the ties that bind me and my leg wraps itself around you. I feel your cock hard against my thigh as you move against me.

After a few minutes you make yourself back away and look down at me with a grin and tell me I’m a very bad girl who needs to be taught a lesson. I giggle in response and move against you. You back away from me and go sit at the table, taking out the contents of the bad: Strawberries, fresh croissants, and a little fresh butter. You start to eat your fare and my stomach starts to rumble a little and my mouth waters. Happy as a cat you eat looking at me, feasting on me with your eyes. I just smile back at you and start to run my legs over the sheets allowing the fabric to heighten my mood. I close my eyes and start to tell you what I’m thinking… making images in your mind… causing you to flinch from time to time because even though I can’t touch you I can still you in your head.

My body fills with pleasure at jus these thoughts and I feel my body tighten and my puss longs to be filled. I open my legs wide for you.. inviting you and you can’t resist. You make it to the bed in one stride and bury your head in my puss, licking and almost purring in contentment. You slip two fingers in and I cry out in pleasure as you slide them in and out. My hips grind into your face and you moan. I come over and over and beg you to stop. You back away long enough to shed your clothes and then crawl your way back up my body, placing licks and wet kisses along the way up to my mouth. You seem to melt into me as your body rests on top of mine and your mouth meets mine.

Without warning I feel you slide in deep and moan into your mouth slightly biting your lip. I feel you smile against me and I laugh a bit as I look into your eyes. You take your lips down to my neck as you start to work inside me. Biting my shoulder I grip the fabric at my wrists for leverage and move my body against you. You move back sitting on your heels and adjust me. Grabbing a mini vibrator you turn it on low and start your rhythm again this time slow and shallow. I close my eyes because although it feels good I was so close to coming again and this feels like torture. You slide in a little deeper and turn the vib a little higher. Over and over this game is played, bringing me so close and then backing off and I feel like I’m going to cry. You see the look in my face.. and move away going to the table to pull out one last item, a blindfold. That is not exactly what I want to see of course. I just want to come and have my release so I just frown a bit at you which makes you laugh as you place it around my head, blackening out almost all of my light.

You turn on some music and I start to smell some candles burning. You’ve taken away one sense but are making me experience the others. I feel you on the bed again and you bring a strawberry to my lips. I part them and take it in my mouth, loving the sweet taste on my tongue. After a few berries I feel your finger glide over my lips and I take it in sucking and swirling my tongue. I feel you move again and feel your cock against my lips this time. I greedily take you in as much as I can. You allow only a few moments of this because all this is a bit of torture to you as well.

I feel oil cool on my skin as you drizzle it on, then your hands start to work it in. You tell me things as you do this… complimenting different areas that you are touching, really taking pleasure in what you are doing. You work from top to bottom and when your hands are on their way back up you cock glides into me and me slow just for a moment and then start to work me harder and deeper… and then faster. The pressure you’ve built up in me feels like an explosion as I come bucking under you and screaming out in pleasure. Feeling my muscles tighten hard against your cock you come too… moaning loudly and collapsing on me hot and sweaty. Out of breath I lie there still in darkness and tied up. A few minutes pass and I feel your head lift from my chest and you slip the blindfold off and gently untie the fabric around my writs now red and a bit raw from all the activity. You place little kisses on the insides of my hands and down each arm. We lie there drifting in and out of sleep, occasionally touching and stroking the other.

Kaliedascope61 42M
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6/21/2006 5:21 am

strawberries, restraints, candles.....delightful.

rm_93biggator 48M
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11/17/2006 4:59 am

Very sensual, great creative writing, conjours beautiful mental images. Very artistic. Thank you for sharing a gorgeous fantasy. [image]

partytoextreme 36M
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11/20/2006 11:12 am

MMMM I WOULD love to get w you new to area need a good playmate

rm_JamminJ351 48M
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1/23/2007 1:16 pm

WOW Jane that was intense. I could picture actually being there with you. You definately aroused me on this one.

rm_Medico450 38M
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9/18/2007 6:12 pm

very good

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