Everyday is a new day  

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2/28/2006 5:34 am

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Everyday is a new day

Good Morning World

I woke up this morning happy.. it is going to be a good day, i can feel it.

yesterday, the boss let me roll out the benz- i love that car.. maybe today we can take the top off..

its a hard top, so it was too late after i left to take it off.. there is no room to put it in the car.. its just a 2 seater.. totally bad ass though..

A new friend of mine had to go to the Dr. yesterday.. I feel like a huge Jerk because I called her last night to see how it went, and forgot to ask about it period!

Any ways-
I am very excited.. Friday I am headed home for the weekend..
I miss hubby and kids soooo much.. I cant wait to see my babies- did i talk about this already?
*Blushing Grin* Then you know how stoked i am to be going... too bad he wont let me take the benz there.. lol

I went to a new place for lunch too- le madeliene? i dont know if i spelled it right or not.. in..??manderville? manderin? i dont know where i was.. i am almost always lost- if you find me please return me to myself

the new steel model homes are here, today they will be set up, then we can allow clients to see what they are getting, and not just blue prints and cardboard models..

i am excited about that as well.. i dont know why- its not like im making the money off em..
even so- im still excited about it.. what can i say- things are slow, but i am still proud of the company i work for..

so- i am out for the day

Have a Great Day All

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