The money making fantasy  

secretstud1000 54M
6/13/2006 7:50 am
The money making fantasy

What seems like a long time ago is about five years back. I was buying all this porn off Ebay; mostly the amateur stuff is what interested me. At some point I said to myself, I’m a photographer, I have all the gear, I’m going to make a porno. This was a fantasy worth exploring. Not only will it be an erotic good time, but I can make money from it as well. So I hire a beautiful model from a modeling site and she brings her boyfriend as a partner. I discussed what I had in mind on the way to the location. This was an outdoor shoot and the camera was playing the part of the voyeur. They walked off into the woods and I followed. They found a spot and began kissing and fondling. I slowly crept up and got closer and closer as she started to suck his dick. I went around to get a better angle of him eating her out. They started to screw with her on top, her beautiful tits exposed to the world. A couple of dirt bike riders rode by, and girl got shy. Just as we convinced her they left and got her riding his dick again, the bikers did a drive by with their buddies. This was more than our heroine could handle so we ran into the truck and finished with some more dick sucking and screwing in the back seat. Finally or hero pulled out and sprayed a powerful load all over our fair damsels stomach, tits and face. We wrapped it up, I created the listing and it became a hit on Ebay, outselling all others listed. I shot about eight movies in all with different couples and different scenarios. It was a wonderful time. I got to watch people having sex, up close and personal. I stuck my camera and face into the action, capturing the slurping sounds, the moaning, and the look on her face as he’s driving it hard. What surprised me was that I don’t think I ever got a hard-on while taping, even though I was there with a couple having sex. I was always afraid I was going to screw something up and was diligent about getting good lighting, angle and sound. Towards the end I thought of doing a few POV (point of view) videos, were I’m the stud, but never got around to it.

Paypal quit processing mature audience auctions and Ebay video business dropped off by about 70%. I sold my master tapes and put it behind me, but the urge to watch people having sex is creeping into my psyche again. If anyone wants to have a tape made, I’m your photographer. We can use your camera, you keep the tape. Let’s talk about what the scene should be, where it will be taped and what will make it special. Planning these things out is almost as titillating as doing them.

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