Good bye, sweet fantasy  

secretstud1000 54M
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6/26/2006 6:29 am
Good bye, sweet fantasy

Really the big fantasy that all AdultFriendFinder members have in common is to hook-up and get freaky. Countless scenerios race through my head about the soon-to be reply that will agree to get together and meet for coffee or whatever. I have replied to and imagined being with every girl the cupid matched me up with. I have tried to honestly answer a million questions and show the most telling photo without actually giving up my secret identity. I have read the magazine and studied presentations from other guys. All this is to no avail however.

I think that somewhere AdultFriendFinder tells you there are more girls online than guys. I find this hard to believe. There seem to be 8 times the guys and they are all hormonally driven animals, fighting for position on top of the female. Though this sounds ideal for the girls, it seems to be a little overwhelming, making it hard to decide, or setting criteria and coldly choosing by those. Though this site does seem to have something for the handsome, young, unattached guy with six-pack abs. Seems as though regular, attached guys have are being overlooked by girls who, too are looking for the best, whether they get him or not.

As all encompassing as this site seems to be, it is not ideal. There are plenty of slim, good-looking guys who are excellent lovers who are getting overlooked, which leaves them (me) at square one. So the hope and excitement is dead, the auto-renew set to OFF, one last check for messages and sign-off. As hard as I try I can’t imagine a hook-up here. Oh well, back to Craig’s list and bars.

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