Bed buddies are way better than regular buddies  

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6/16/2006 8:57 am

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Bed buddies are way better than regular buddies

Ever since I heard the term "Bed buddies" or “fuck buddy”, I said to myself “I have got to find me one of these”. It just sounds so appealing to have a like minded friend of the opposite sex, where there is very little protocol, just hanging out and fun. I reminds me of High School and summer vacation. You knew who was were at what times, so if it was afternoon and you wanted to go fishing, you’d go to John’s house, or Doug’s house if you wanted to get high. Never did I even dream that I could have a “fuck buddy”. I always thought to get laid you needed a girlfriend, and girlfriends take up a lot of time and money.

I picture my fuck buddy living on my way home and she gets home before I do so she’s almost always there. I’d call on my way home to find out what’s happening. “Nothing, I just got home myself” she says. “I just scored some good stuff, mind if I swing by for a little bit?” I ask. When I get there she is in a towel, straight from the shower. She offers me a drink and we talk about stuff as I start rolling a Jay. We sit in the living room, smoke, talk and laugh without a care. She doesn’t like to hold small roaches so I hold it up to her lips. I tell her how good her hair smells and bury my nose in her long hair. She mentions it’s Guava or something as I’m getting into it and kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. She laughs and jerks away as I stick a tongue in her ear. “Maybe it’s the weed, but you smell really good. Let me lick your pussy” I ask. She readily agreed and took off her underwear and I knelt on the floor in front of her. I spent a while up and down her thighs smelling, kissing and lightly caressing, her thighs, waist and stomach. Slowly my kisses lead to her pussy and my tongue slides up lubricating her lips. Several slow licks up her pussy lips produce a clit that is rising to attention and making itself known. Gently I lick just the clit until I notice her squirming around. I back off a bit and kiss her clit several times, then lick, then munch her sweet smelling pussy. I stay engaged at full speed until she goes crazy and cums in my face and pushes my head away. I wipe my mouth and look at her and smile. I lick a finger and slowly stick it in her pussy, curling it up until I feel the G-spot. I slowly go in and out, rubbing her G-spot and then start licking her clit again. Eventually I work up to a manic eating session were I am shaking my head while licking her pussy and fingering her. As she cums again, I push harder on her G-spot, making her squirt at me as I swallow every drop in order to continue licking and breathing. Again she pushes my head away and says, “I gotta have your dick in me right now!” Naturally I pull it out and stick it in. I hang on and fuck so hard it could be described as pounding my dick into her wet pussy. She cums again so hard that I feel her pussy squeezing my dick so much it kicks my orgasm as well. Once I feel my launch sequence I pound like I’m going for the gold. I pump all my hot cum into the rubber in her pussy. “I totally felt you cum in my pussy,” she says. “I felt you squeezing the cum right out of me” I said. We laugh and head to the bathroom. After clean-up we have a cigarette and talk of how good it was. “What are you going to do later?” one of us asks. “Not much I gotta visit my folks tonight”. “Are you gonna stop by tomorrow, I gotta make-up the favor” she asks. “No, I gotta go down-town tomorrow, can I take a rain-check for the day after?” I ask. She says sure, we exchange some more conversation and I continue my way home.

Anybody wanna be my “Bed buddy”?

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