Arashi no yoru ni - a Japanese anime movie  

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9/4/2006 11:58 am
Arashi no yoru ni - a Japanese anime movie

There is this cartoon from Japan on show in the cinema over the summer holidays here called Arashi no yoru ni (in a stormy night). It is a story about a wolf and an orphaned sheep whose mom was killed by a pack of wolves whilst protecting him, who meet up by a chance in a hut in a stormy night. It is pitch dark that night and as they both have a cold, they cannot smell each other either and hence both sides just assume that the other is one of his own kind. A friendship is formed overight and they arrange to meet up for lunch the following day.

They then realise who both sides are really but the friendship persists. Their peer however have other plans. The wolves want to use Kabu (the wolf) to get close to May (the sheep) and his peer, so that they can have a mutton feast. The friends of May distrust Kabu.

The 2 friends soon decide to flee the area as the heat over their friendship is too much to bear.

I won't spoil the movie by saying how it ends. But it really is a very touching movie and it has a lot of philosophical meanings inside. See it if you get the chance to do so.

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