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2/28/2006 8:33 am

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First entry

First entries into blogs are always tricky. These are the ones that everyone kinda decides on whether or not they wanna come back again to read more. I pretty much stop caring to make the first impression and just vent =)

Right now things are kinda weird. Work is keeping me busy, overly busy is more like it especially with the recent fiasco that I’ll get into some other time. This of course is affecting personal relationships to the point where the focal on ones to with I normally have sex are disinterested for whatever reason. Her reasoning being she just isn’t in the mood as much anymore.

I on the other hand am and have always been in the mood hence why I came here, strong sex drive. So, as time goes on we’ll see what I find and I’ll keep spamming my thoughts and affairs of the various type in here to entertain whomever reads these.

If you’re thinking well, wtf are you looking for since you’re here, I’ll just spill it partially:

I’m looking for a woman, no men. She must be at least 21 though I tend to like older women, so my ideal find would be 35-40. Looking for someone who isn’t interested in playing head games. Is into sex of course and having fun, not just in the bed. Doesn’t have any issues with being treated like a princess from time to time. I like romance and doing those special things once in awhile. I am NOT looking for a long-term relationship right now. I’m not saying this won’t change in the near future though of course.

Anyhow, enough of my opening blurb. I’ll start spamming more stuff later on. I need to get back to work.

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