The Twins  

seasidedaisy 54F
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5/22/2006 3:47 am
The Twins

I moved across the country when I left my husband. I ended up in Oklahoma for awhile. I just love the people in Oklahoma, over all it's ok in ok.

I met this woman named Shawna. She was a stunning native american and very bi-curious. Her husband worked out of town leaving Shawna with too much time on her hands. Shawna fucked a lot and wasn't very faithful to her husband. Using me as the scapegoat

One night Shawna and I went out to dinner and stopped at a local pub for a drink. The place was packed. After we got our drinks a group of people offered to let us sit with them. Amongst this group was a set of 23 year old twins and boy and a girl.

Being the horny bitch Shawna is she invited the twins back to my place. We had a few drinks and Shawna and the girl twin ended up in my spare room. I was sitting on the sofa next to the boy twin listening to Shawna and his sister really get into it.

He started to kiss me long and deep. He was a very good passionate kisser. Yum I lead him to my room taking my clothes off along the way. He had a nice long cock and a hard ass body. It wasn't the most sensual or kinky but this young man fucked my brains out for hours. Mainly missionary with me hanging on for the ride. I came about three times that night.

The girl twins boyfriend was pissed off knocking on my door lol I guess the girl twin invited him over and he flipped. still laughing about that. I bet he will think about that and be kicking himself for not going along.

The twins left. Shawna and I had a good laugh; we still tease each other about the twins. I think Shawna had other ideas for me. One night her husband was home and they called me. I was out of town for a few weeks then had to move to another state for work. I never did have the chance to hook up with them.

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