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Send a face shot with emails. And please try to look like the photo. Anything over a few months is too old. And please show a full body shot. I will notice a huge belly if we meet.

Check out the background in your photo. Sure tells me a lot.

Take a photo alone. IMO photos taken with your ex are not very appealing. A photo with large groups of ladies sitting on your lap is not the type of man that interests me.

Use a catchy title in the subject and reuse it if you email other emails. Really does make you stand out.

Some may but I don’t like emails inviting me for sex right off the bat. Oh babe cum suck my cock, would be an example of that.

Emails from out of vacationing town guest or traveling businessmen are not welcomed and will be deleted. You can cruise down 41 to find that.

If you cut and paste emails make sure they fit who you are emailing. I received an email saying I know I am a lot older then you however bla bla bla. I looked at his photo and thought wow he looks great for being over 42. He was 30.

I like medium length emails showing me a person who is charming and witty.

There is a spell check. If it isn’t in there then think of another word. Beer, bear and bare all mean different things

Fill out your profile and think about what you write. Try to give me a sense of who you are.

I believe what you write. I don’t think I can change anyone.

If you are a million miles away and don’t have the time or the means to meet me then you don’t have the time and the means for me.

Emails asking if I will pee in your oatmeal and served it to you for breakfast will be deleted

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