CHATTING ON IMC NOW!.............yeah, right.  

sean19803000 38M
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3/23/2006 11:33 pm

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9/21/2006 11:16 pm

CHATTING ON IMC NOW!.............yeah, right.

I don't really do the 'chat' thing, but like nearly everything else that is unknown to me, I am curious to see what can happen.

So it's late over here, my insommnia is cycling in again, the pseudo-get-back-with-the-ex-situation is still lingering in my mind, all coupled with that impending reality that my alarm will no doubt be ringing within the next several hours, so maybe I can 'chat' for a while.....OR SO I THOUGHT! (....suspenseful crescendo crashes....)

I click on the vast array of females 'ready' to chat, clicking away, and after maybe the 11th or 12th one (geez, can't this guy get a clue?) no response, no invitation, no nothing at all. am i surprised? yes, i am! there was a little smiley face at the top of nearly every profile i came across waving at me, grabbing me by the balls and saying "CHATTING ON IMC NOW, FUCKER!!!" well, sans the fucker part, but you get the idea. they were chatting, just not with me.

i did forget to mention i was declined......TWICE! of all the crappy luck in the world of shooting in the dark hoping to stimulate a conversation through a rapid exchange of 1's and 0's, and no chat. bitches.

i just recently put up some 'naughty' pics of myself, could this be the reason? because i have lowered myself (or elevated?) to a level that nearly 97% of the male group on this site and it just scares them away? who knows.

no heartburn over this, it's just that i see that 'chatting now' icon and it just makes me's so bullshit!

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