my dating rant part 2  

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8/23/2006 5:53 pm

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my dating rant part 2

ok, let me clear one small detail up. my ex may or may not have had sex with another person, i dont know. and honestly it dosent realy matter. but,this is something i dont personaly belive in while you are married. dont get me wrong, there are people that are just fine with the idea. but i dont like it too much. sure i looked at other women and thought " god i would love to slide my cock into her". i can say that i lost count how many women i thought that about. but i would have never have done that. the main reason is that i know that one person in the relationship is NOT FULLY on board with this idea. they didn't think it up and probally got pulled into it. they will always have this ever so slight fear that they are going to be replaced by the "other" person. and if you are both fucking other people, your just dating.... dont fool your self.

so, dating rant continued part 2.... let me get another g and t and i will move on.

ok, this is one that the girls will love. every once in a blue moon a woman will find herself being the agressor in the dating scene. the one that walks up and with a very determined look in her eyes asks the guy out or whatever the case may be. and you know what he does. runs like a scared little girl. what the fuck is that? i have done it. every man has done it. but holy shit why? the woman is asking you for a chance and we get intimidated. flys in the face of the MALE ROLE...bahh. thuthfully it scares the shit out of us. some kind of primal thing. or mabey just reminds us of our moms. i dont know but i could use a little of that agressive woman right now..... not the amazon, tie me up type. but someone to walk up and say "hi, im.... would you like to have lunch sometime"? in a real obvious way that says im not just interested in lunch. i guess another reason why women dont do this very often is that we get used to it.... like mom.... and allow ya'll to do everything. we dont get off our asses and return the favor. something about predictable just came into my head. so i guess the bottom line on this one is....girls, meet us half way sometimes. we have a hard time handeling the amazom chick and are tired of jumping through hoops. i can tell you that i know in 30 seconds if i want to realy have sex with someone and after 5 minutes of talking with someone, i know if im interested in them enough to date them. and i know that you ladys are even faster, so stop making us work so damn hard for the pussy.....

you spend 9 months trying to get out and the rest of your life trying to get back in......

i cant remember the movie, but i will never forget the line.

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