just a question for the women  

SunnySeepsSadly 47M
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9/10/2006 2:17 pm
just a question for the women

it would seem that there is alot of women in my age group on this site. and i think that a good many have been married before. so what do you think is most important to you, you can even be selfish about it. is it communication, looks, money, sex and sexual equiptment, sense of humor......what is it that makes you feel that "he" is a keeper? i know that just about everyone here will have a differnt answer but im looking for a general feeling. as an example, a lot of guys start with there eyes, if they like what they see they will keep going. i guess im no exception either, i would like to find a good looking woman that has the brains and confidence too. but anyway.... what is a must for you ladys? i learned long before i got married and then divorced that you can not change a person. i have known a few people from a ways back in my childhood and they are the same people they were 20 some years ago. im still the same person as well. you make little adjustments but very rarely do you ever change your nature.

it was a ok week for me, i have done the best i could to hold my head up. wednesday was my ex-wifes birthday. i wanted to call or write a note, but i knew it would mean nothing to her. to top it off was the snubing by the girl i asked out. kind of made me hang my head a little low. i have gotten to a point where i am getting tired of women and there games. it is almost like a sport or something. i know that is not true, im just a little bitter. it has been so hard to push the memories out of my head. so many people have told that it will take along time. are we there yet?

ok, enough sadness. ive got dinner to cook. see yall another day.

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