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8/14/2006 5:53 pm

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a little more info

well i figure i will give some "how i got here" information on myself.

where to start.

well i have been traveling on the long road to recovering from a blind sided divorce. well not exactly, i asked for the divorce, just could not take the pain anymore. the kind thing to say is that we were in two differnt places. and there was no getting it back. there is alot more to this story, but i dont feel it needs to be a part of this so early.

im trying to come to terms with the feelings of failure and loss. but it is very hard and even things so simple can wreck a good mood. but im going to make it fine. lonelyness has also gotten easyer. well not so much easyer, just not so sharp. god i miss the touch of a woman. i miss the look in a woman's eyes that tell you that they like what they see. ok, i have seen it lately but im still a little gun shy. i keep hearing the " it'll get better" and " your a good looking guy, you wont be single long".......aawwww, fuck off. and i say that with a sense of humor. i know it will get better. when you fall down you have nothing left but to get up and try again.
i wallowed in it for a while, mabey too long. i to this day dont know what realy happened to the marriage. i have plenty of theories, but one thing i have taken from all this is that second guessing people is a dangerous thing. so all i have to say about the divorce is, i dont know.
so here i am. looking for someone to hang out with, do some fun things and if the mood strikes mabey have some fun, without the strings.


8/14/2006 6:20 pm

Good luck to you darlin'.

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