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4/27/2006 8:01 am

Subject: Is your best friend really your best friend?

1. What's your best friend's second name?
2. What's his/her favourite food?
3. His/her lucky number?

4. Favourite colour?

5. Does you best friend have any siblings and if so, how many?

6. Do you think he/she is attractive?
7.Ever been attracted to him/her?
8. Ever been sexually attracted to him/her?
9. Would you shag your best friend, if opposite sex?

10. Does your best friend tell you everything?

11. Do you share every aspect of your life with him/her?
12. Does he she know your weak/strong points?
13. Would you undress in front of him/her?
14. Do you know where his/her beauty spots (birthmarks and moles) are?
15. If he/she is of opposite sex, would you be able to sleep in the same bed without touching each other?
16. How far would you go for him/her?
17. How far would he/she go for you?
18. Will/can you die with his/her secrets?
19. What will it take to destroy your friendship?
20. Can you talk about anything to him/her without being embarrassed?

21. How long have you known him/her?
22. How long have been best friends?
23. Ever been inlove with him/her?
24. Will you ever be able to fall inlove with him/her?
25. Does your family know who your best friend is?
26. Do they accept?
27. Should he/she die before you, would you ever have another best friend like that?

28. Are you so much connected that you feel each other's pain/sorrow/happiness?
29. Would you ever jeopardise your relationship with your best friend for money or anything else for that matter?
30. Do you feel that he/she values you as being very special?

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