screamzw 56M
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4/27/2006 7:46 am

Happiness is wanting what you have not having what you want or think you want.

Your life is likely to be filled with things that already give you joy so take time to appreciate them.

- start by making peace with your self ‒ this comes from inside and si the result of making the most of yourself and your life as it is right now
- learn to take responsibility for your happiness and the success of your happiness- the biggest relationship you have is with yourself
- get focused ‒ without a goal there is no success and without success there is nothing to celebrate
- think hard about what would really make you enjoy a sense of achievement and make plans to do it now
- value family and friends since the people that surround you reinforce your self worth and sense of identity
- express yourself by understanding what you feel, coming to terms with it and communicating it to others is important for your emotional well being


- spend more time with friends and family ‒ the more you put into them the more happiness you will get back
- enjoy the moment ‒ when you feel happy stop and savor it
- set yourself small goals and give yourself credit when you achieve them
- share other peoples’ happiness ‒ its infectious
- live a little laugh a lot ‒ go out and look for happiness
- stop sharing nasty gossip ‒ it feels good for a moment but feels bad for longer
- don’t run yourself down
- stop putting off things ‒ why be happy tomorrow when it could be today
- don’t expect others to make you feel good about yourself ‒ that’s your job
- stop worrying about things that may never happen

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