Thoughts on sex flicks. Hahahahah  

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5/8/2005 9:23 am

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6/28/2006 8:18 am

Thoughts on sex flicks. Hahahahah

Can someone explain to me what chemistry is? I am not attracted to the most beautiful of woman. But more so somewhere in between. Is beauty truely in the eyes of the beholder? Most times....I am attracted because I think someone is cute. She may have a nice smile.....or a kindness inside that I feel, and find alluring. A beautiful mind is sexy.I can search through many profiles....stopping at one certain profile? What made me stop there? And when I see someone that appeals to is not always the first thing on my mind. It is more like...god I wish that I could just hold you on a park bench. And talk to you....and laugh with you. And be my crazy self. To tease you, and joke time away. What is beauty? Someone that you care about, can be only to you.....the most beautiful woman in the world. There are times when I'm looking at someone's profile....I might take time to write a few words. Just because I'm taking the time to write..dosen't mean that I'm hitting on you. Just means that sometimes I have a need to write. To express my thoughts. I want your body...isn't the first words that come out of my mouth.....well maybe the second words. I must know you first....before I get overly passionate with words. Have you ever been watching tv...flipping through all the channels, and stopping on a sex flick? What do you think of? What are your thoughts? I am reminded of how beautiful a woman can be. How intoxicating. I ask myself? What is it about making love that I like? It can only be a blend of many things. And not just one thing. Intimacy...closeness....a bonding I must admit appeals to me. Passion is always very soul satisfying. I would almost have to say...its the intimacy in touching that fuels my flames. My desires. It is beautiful to be in a certain someones arms. Her arms, and legs around you. And you find yourself looking down into her eyes....and every so often kissing her lips. Whispering in her ear. That beautiful feeling of closeness. Well had better get busy. If I don't get my mind on other things....I may drive the lawnmower into a tree. It is the woman that radiates with the romantic soul that lights the fire in me. Scorp.

Crimson959 58F

5/9/2005 9:45 am

That was beautifully written scorp......days go by...feeling more alive.

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