Chinese Virgin  

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9/7/2006 1:09 pm

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Chinese Virgin

A Chinese couple gets married. She's a virgin and, truth be told, he is none too experienced either. On the wedding night, she cowers naked under the bed sheets as her husband undresses. He climbs in next to her and tries to be reassuring:

"My darring" he says, "I know dis yo firs time and you berry frighten. I pomise you, I give you anyting you want, I do anyting... just anyting you want, you say. Whatchou want?" he says, trying to sound experienced, which he hopes will impress his virgin bride.

A thoughtful silence follows and he waits patiently (and eagerly) for her request. She eventually replies shyly and unsure, "I want... numba 69!" More thoughtful silence, this time from him. Eventually, in a puzzled tone he queries... "You want... Beef wif Broccori?

attentive2u58 59M
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9/7/2006 2:46 pm

Hehehehehe.My thanks.

rm_ironhead1956 61M
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9/8/2006 7:07 am

Well at least he tried to be reassuring!

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