having an active mind can help masturbation be fullfilling..  

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8/4/2006 3:46 am

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having an active mind can help masturbation be fullfilling..

its a part of life..everyone masturbates.some more than others.i guess im chronic masturbator for geting off at least once or twice a day.i can have a session that can last for and hour or more which has made me learn enough dick control to get that satisfying self orgasm.
when it comes to meeting someone i am very quiet,reserved and shy but once i am comfortable knowing that i ave acceptance from that person, i am very open and honest about what i like and want.by writing this re-ocurring fantasy i have during masturbation,it may strike someones imagination and realize that i can be playful and open...

..after some IM's and pic exchanges we agree to meet in a pblic area and finding that we click we head to a local bar/restaurant to enjoy some dinner or drinks and conversation to find out more about each other.the topic turns to sex and we just let out thought that we have experienced or willing to try.(i like women my age or older 30-50 a woman can be sexy at any age).after finding out through the conversation that we both are very much turned on,we head for our cars and start kissing and fondling in the parking lot.we agree to go back to my place and continue the evening.when we get to my place you find it to be small but extremely clean for a single guy.we chat for a bit more and we agree on a orno to watch at your request.we both notice each other rubbing ourselves as the movie plays.the kissing starts again and we get down to our undies to be more comfortable.as you strip i find my cock starting to stiffen at the view of your beautiful body and you notice it too.you ask me to take my cock out and start stroking it so you can watch.as i stroke myself i notice you touching yourself and see that your pussy has made a wet spot on your silk thong.i cant resist the thoughts im having and need to touch you.knowing that we both like long, teasing foreplay you relax as i start kissing your sweet lips and running my srong hands over your body hearing your soft moans as i explore you.as i put my hand between your legs i find the wetspot becoming more.you pull back and want to enjoy my cock for a while.we head for the bedroom to have more play and you sill have on your silk thong as per my request.you lay down and i begin to explore your body again in more of a thorough manner.i kiss down your neck to your chest then gently start licking your nipples as my hands continue to run over your body.you arch your back as i begin to fondle your breasts.i notice you starting to rub your horny pussy but i move your hand away.i continue to kiss down your belly to your thighs and not missing an area.i gently start licking the wet spot of your thong then take them of for you.i notice that you are shaved and extremely wet.as i lick and kiss your inner thighs i move to taste your pussy.gently licking every bit of you,your moans become greater.as i lck you to your first orgasm you become surprised that i lick all your cum as it runs from you.now knowing that i am dirty from the fact i cleaned up your cum with my tongue,you tell me to lay down because it is my turn.as you kss my neck and play with my nipples(i lke my nipples played with)you stroke my stiffening cock.you put me into your mouth and suck slowly at first feeling me grow harder in your mouth.then the freak in you comes out,slow sucking turns into wet hard action as you play with my cock.you spit on my cock and masturbate me with your saliva.my moans become more intense as you are bringing me to that point of explosion but then you stop.teasing my cock and balls making my body tingle,i want to taste you again.you get on your knees so i can see that great ass and i lick your lower back and move to kissing/licking you from behind.you tell me to enter your pussy from behind and i do.after oly a few strokes you tell m to stop and lay down again.seeing your wetness on my cock you suck me more to taste yourself.at this point my balls are filled with my cum and i am need of getting off.you tell meagain to lick you more because you cant get enough of my knowing mouth.i lick your already orgasmed pussy again and notice you taste even beter because of your cum.i bring you off again.finally after the long teasing foreplay and body exploration i enter you with my cock.slow penatration feeling your pussy wrap around my cock makes me feel like i cant hold back,but i do my best to hold back so you can have one more orgasm.to cum on my cock and you say its my turn now.as i fuck your pussy feelng your cum you feel me start to throb and you know that im ready.you start playing with my niples because you know it will heighten my orgasm and you tell me to cum all over your body as you want to feel it.after a few more srokes i pull out and come on you as you requested.with all the teasing and foreplay i come so much with so much force.as i am hoovering over your bodywith the feeling of intense release you rub my cum into you and taste me off your fingers.you also take me into your mouth again to make sure you have drained me to my full release.as we clean up i kiss your lips even though im on you as a sign of a well played session,you tell me i really am a dirty guy and well worth your time.at he end of it all we agree to still see each other again several times a week to replay the moment.
see..if you have a playful mind you can enjoy your masturbation session.i know what i can do..but i cant find that ultimate mind blowing orgasm in real life..anyone up for the challenge?
until next time..keep in touch with yorself and make your self sessions as fullfilling as mine.

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