It's thursday!  

schaloc 42M
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6/22/2006 3:25 am
It's thursday!

So like last night I was up until like three in the morn. I'm on vacation and I can do these things! Next week it's back to reality but, I'm going to try really hard not to think about it. Not going to, not going to, not going to.
I've been thinking about women, sex and how to handle this thing with me not finding anybody. It weird because I was reading some of the emails my wife gets and they are all like - hey baby you are so fucking hot, when do you want to meet? Or hey, I know what you need and stuff like that. Not very original! My wife says that she doesn't even respond to those. I usually write an email trying to start a conversation, they just don't want to have a conversation with me. So I went to the profiles here on my AdultFriendFinder - the men looking for women just to see what they wrote on their profiles. I was like thinking - is this what I have to say to get laid? Is this the way women want to be talked to? And do they really respond to pitures of some cock standing halfway up? So I expieriment a little and change what I have on my profile while still staying honest but, it is my slowly forming opinion that people just don't want honesty. I'm beginning to think that some of the women here want to be treated like animals! I just like to be honest and myself and there is no other way. I guess that is part of what it's about though with this online thing. That people can explore their dirty, darker side of their personality without the fear of, of, of being thought less of. So they say - I want to be fucked in the ass and have cum sprayed all over my face, they don't really mean it because alot of them are single and really looking for true love, that perfect guy who will treat them how they really want to be treated - like a human being and not as a sex object. Kinda like when you see your girlfriend or wife or whatever and she is looking so pissed off or sad and you ask what's the matter and they say nothing at all. Yeah, I guess it's something like that. Oh how I hate fucking games! It's the same way in real life and not just on the internet. Women want to be chased and shit like that as if they were still in grade school! Flirting around and stuff is fun and all but the whole having to be full of shit just gets on my nerves.......

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