My Most Memorable D/s Session  

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6/24/2006 7:50 pm

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My Most Memorable D/s Session

I keep getting asked the question over and over again. What is your most memorable D/s session. Well I will recount it as best I remember.

It was a cool fall day and we geared up in BDU's for a game of capture the flag. ( for those of you who don't know what this is, it's a flag that is on a pole in the middle of each camp and each team has to sneak into the others camp and steal their flag and make it safely back to their base camp.)

My Dom and I were on opposing teams and he made sure to target me the most. I was able to make it into his camp but was taken prisoner. I was then taken to a wooded area tied to a tree to be interrogated.

Of course I would not give any information that was requested of me, so my shirt was opened and my nipples tweaked, pinched and bitten. Still I gave no information.

I was then taken by the hair and my Dom got into my face and asked me if I knew a safe word. I refused to speak.

He then slapped me lightly a few times but I gave no safe word or information.

I was then blindfolded and my pants were jerked down around my boots. I was completely exposed. I was left there with the cool air touching all of my private parts. I waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity and nothing happened.

Then I heard footsteps and I felt hands touching my breasts. Then he moved down and touched my cold pussy lips rubbing lightly. I was dry there and he stroked around my tight little hole stroking and teasing lightly. I began to get wet and when he felt it he withdrew again.

The next time he came to me, I was roughly handled, I was kissed roughly and he bit into my lips and held me tightly to him so I would have to breathe in his breath. Then he began biting my nipples making them ache. But I never whimpered or gave the safe word. He then moved down and began spanking my wet pussy. Making it throb with pain. I was then left again with the cold wind wreaking havoc on my sore nipples and pussy.

He kept coming to me and each time he varied the tortures he inflicted on my body. By the time he was finished my body was aching but for release.

After awhile, I was released and gruffly ordered to get dressed and I was then dragged to the car and we went to his place. I was immediately ordered to get undressed and I was tied to his bed. I was interrogated again and the torture began again.

He finally asked "does your sweet little pussy ache for me?" And I answered "Yes". He then stop the torture and began rubbing warming lotion on my sore nipples and pussy. This added to the intensity of the throbbing ache I felt all over. He then began blowing on my nipples and pussy making the sensation go from warm to cold and back. The whole time he never touched me.

He then asked me if I ached for him, and I responded "Yes Sir I do." He then slowly penetrated me with his hard cock and I orgasmed immediately. Flooding him, myself and the bed with a hot rush of juices. A few more strokes and he came into me hot and hard. I felt the hot spurts of his cum warming me inside.

"Mmmm Angel you came well for your Master didn't you?" I responded Yes Sir I did. He then untied me and bundled me in the covers. He laid next to me and pulled me close and had me lay my head on his chest near his heart.

He then told me "this is where good Angel's belong, near their Master's heart". And we slept.

jjaguarr1 64M/49F

6/26/2006 4:11 pm

an excellent lady...

rbatxluvr 47M

6/30/2006 9:54 am

I love your openness to share your experiences and desires.... You definitely seem fun and I have emailed you in response to your earlier blog. I would love to get to know you and share some fun and pleasurable times together....we can have alot of great times that is for sure


7/3/2006 4:24 pm

love his interorgation techinques. can we interorgate you scarlet?

rm_iwstvt2 42M

9/27/2006 6:16 am

That was definately fun to read. I enjoyed it.

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