What Does It Matter  

sazzyagain 44F
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9/1/2006 8:33 am

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What Does It Matter

Last night i ran into something in the chat room that I just don't get...maybe some of u could help me figure it out.

To me, a true person...someone i can call a friend, is someone who is there for me when i need them. A true friend is someone who I can joke around with, be serious with and someone who i can just kick back and enjoy my time with.

I do not look at my friends as to what they look like on the outside...that means shit to me... a true friend is what they have on the inside. How they treat other people, how they treat me and how they treat themselves. As we get older, our physical apperance changes, its a fact of life, but our inner appearance only grows more beautifully.

A pic means nothing to me, i don't care what my cyber friends look like...they could be older, younger, bigger, skinner, wrinkley, long hair, short hair...blah blah blah. Really honestly does not matter to me. And if any of u don't beleive this, u can ask a very good friend of mine that i met on here when i joined...we talked almost everyday(and still do)but talked for almost a year before i saw what he looked like. And just cause he wasn't wat i pictured, doesn't mean i don't luv him any less as a friend.

I guess the point I am getting across...or at least trying to...is that there r lots of profiles on this site that have fake pics. Does that change the way u think about the person. I read a blog one time about someone who fell in love with a ladies pic...they talked and talked and talked became really good friends and decided to meet. When they did meet obviously the woman's pic was not her...she apologized for her actions. Even though they did not bed down, they remain friends till this day cause he got to know her as a friend.

Some point in your life u tell a lie...weather it be a big lie or a little white lie. I guess on here, some lies r in the pic. Now, if the drunken bastard that was attacking my friend about a pic reads this....get over yourself. Its a fricken pic. Get to know her for who she is, a smart caring lady...someone u will never meet as u r one of the biggest liers on here. I hope to meet this lady someday as it is her inner beauty that i luv . People in the world today should realize it is wat a person has on the inside that counts...not wat is on the outside.

Have a good day all

Alannc4900 61M

9/1/2006 8:51 am

I agree with you ... unless the person is using the pic to attract people to meet. Then they are wasting everyone's time.

sazzyagain 44F
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9/1/2006 1:24 pm

    Quoting Alannc4900:
    I agree with you ... unless the person is using the pic to attract people to meet. Then they are wasting everyone's time.
ty for your comment

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