What's Your Favourite?  

sazzyagain 44F
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8/30/2006 6:52 pm

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1/9/2008 10:14 am

What's Your Favourite?

I sit here listening to my snot gobblins arguing about their favourite stuff....her favourite shirt, anothers favourite ice cream, and so on and so on and so on....it is never ending...then i begin to wonder...what is my favourite?

Favourite what u might ask...well since i am sitting here all alone i begin to wonder wat my favourite position is...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

So many to choose from and a life time to explore but what is my favourite ok well lets think about this....man on top--always a good one as i luv the feeling of his pelvis rubbing my clit and his balls slapping my ass.
Then there is from doggy....always a good one to explore...the feeling of him driving deeper and deeper into me

Ok now i only explored 2 of the more populuar positions today...i could ramble on and on for a long time...but am curious as to wat u all think....what is your favourite postion

MastsTroveSites 48M

8/30/2006 7:58 pm

Well for me...I like them all...at certain times some are better then others..I like a woman on top casue it gives her control and she pretty much can do as she pleases...Then there is doggy...well say no more...gives me control and I can go has fast or slow as I like...and get to see it all...has for man on top..well that gives me a chance to kiss and nibble on your neck well sliding back and fourth...and I know there is still more out there...and looking forward to finding them out

midnight0002000 63M
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9/5/2006 7:11 am

Not too sure about favourites,but I really love 69, doggy, girl on top, as well as some variations of doggy. Girl on top & doggy allow for deeper penetration. Girl on top is always gr8, mainly because it gives my partner control of her enjoyment, which when making love, is my primary concern. I love 69, or even just me giving oral satisfaction, as part of foreplay.

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