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Sexy Story by Maria Gonzales

This is erotica, in other words, a sexy story. I will introduce you to some characters, hopefully you'll find them interesting, if not, at least I hope that the storyline draws you in. If you don't want to waste your time with characters, plots and other literary things, I'll tell you when the sex is coming, but just a warning, it may be a while, you might want to scroll down if you only want to read the sex scenes.
I need a character, somebody interesting. Let's make our protagonist a female, Why? Why not. I suppose that I could make my protagonist a man or even an alien, but I like to have women as my main character. What's that you ask? Her name. Oh. You want to know her name and what she looks like. I won't decide on her name until I develop her personality, then I'll name her. As far as what she looks like, I'm not sure yet, but she isn't 5'10, blonde with 36DD tits either. I usually base my characters, at least physically on somebody I know. In this case, my friend Maria. No, not me, Maria Gonzales, another Maria.
That's right, you want to know what she looks like. She is 20 years old, about 5'3, 120 pounds with long black hair. Excuse me? You want to know her measurements? I've never asked, but I would guess that she is about 36B-29-36 or so. No, she doesn't have a model's body, but she is very attractive. Probably the most attractive part of her is her mouth. I know, I know, mouths aren't on the top of most people's lists when they talk about sexy body parts, but in Maria's case, let's just say that she has a mouth that looks like it was made for sex, very full and very sexy.
Since I don't want to name my protagonist Maria, I have to think of another Hispanic sounding name for now. If I don't like it, I can always change it later. Let's use Alicia for now; I have always liked that name.
OK, so we have our protagonist, now we need to think of a plot. Hmmm, something sexy but that hasn't been done so many times that it is a cliche. So I guess we can't make Alicia a slut wife, and I'm not in the mood to write any F/F stories, so I guess that she will be straight. I have already done a blackmail story, so that's out. I love to write exhibitionism stories, but I want to try something a little different this time. Let me think about a plot for a while and let me create the male character so she has somebody to fuck.
Male characters I create a little differently than I do the female characters. I normally don't base them on anybody that I know, and I let them sort of create themselves. Okay, his name will be Zach. Why? Why not, he's my character and I can name him anything that I want. He is about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds with the body of a swimmer or diver. Dusty blonde hair with a hint of a 5 o'clock shadow, nice bronze skin and a smile that lights up the room. What! You want you know how big his cock is? Oh dear. I almost never mention the size of cock's in my stories, but in this case, I'll make an exception. Personally, I prefer average to medium length penises, but for sex stories, it seems that everybody is at least nine inches, so I'll compromise and give him an eight inch cock, but I should add that it is very wide.
I think I will do what I normally do, and make up the plot as I go along. Let me put Alicia in some kind of situation, and let her make her own decisions as far as how to react. Then I'll introduce Zach and hopefully they will end up in bed fucking each other silly.
I don't like to put characters in situations that are normally sexy. Although I have done that, but it's not something that I like to do all of the time. We could have Alicia at work, nah. How about if she is doing something athletic. That should work, but what can I have her doing? It seems like whenever a woman is doing something athletic in a sex story, they are usually doing aerobics or some other form of exercise in a gym, so let's have Alicia doing something else. I got it, not exactly a sport, but it's something that I really enjoy doing. Let's have her on a motorcycle. Wait, I don't know how to introduce Zach to Alicia if she is by herself on her bike. I've got an idea, let's try it and see if it works.
If you are still reading this, and just want to get to the sex scenes, scroll down some more, I'll let you know when Alicia and Zach start to fuck.
Hold on, I still have one more literary decision to make, POV. I think that third person will work better for this. Let me introduce you to the narrator. Reader, this is the nameless narrator. Narrator, this is the reader. If you will excuse me, I have a plot to create and some characters to develop.

Nice to meet you reader. I'm the nameless narrator, and Maria has asked me to step in at this point to start the story. I'll try to keep any remarks about her lumpen writing to myself.

Alicia tossed her backpack over her shoulders, and hopped onto her Yamaha. She pushed the start button and felt the engine come to life. Shifting into first gear, she let out the clutch and drove away from her everyday life.
She had decided to go on this weekend vacation on a whim. Wanting to take a break from her routine, she had quickly stuffed some clothes and other necessities into her backpack, and walked out to her motorcycle without any destination in mind.
Deciding to go south, for no particular reason, she passed a couple of semis, almost choking on the smell of the diesel fumes, and kept a steady speed of about eighty. Steadily passing traffic, Alicia felt invigorated from the wind and the sun.

Zach pulled onto the Interstate without any destination in mind. Pushing the gas pedal of his Viper to the floor, he flew past a few semis and set the cruise control to one hundred. Thinking about how his now ex-girlfriend Amy had dumped him without any warning, he had spent the last couple of nights in a drunken stupor. When he awoke in the morning, with a terrible headache, he took a quick shower and hopped into his black Viper. He had turned south because it seemed like it was the direction to go. After all, his life had turned suddenly south on him when Amy had broken the news that she wanted to start dating other guys. Of course, she still wanted to remain friends, as if it really mattered.
He had pulled off to fill up the Viper with gas and grab a bite to eat, and now that he was back on the Interstate, he tried to get his mind away from Amy. Turning the volume of his stereo up, he lost himself in the steady beat of AC/DC, the music reminding him of better times, when he was still in high school.

This is Maria again, the writer, remember me. Just a note to let all of you readers know that Zach and Alicia will meet soon, but for those of you waiting for them to fuck, I think it will still be a while, so keep scrolling. Or if you prefer, just use the find or search button of your word processor for the word, "tongue." I won't use it until they start to kiss, and right after that happens, we all know what will happen next. Yes, they will fuck.

Alicia pulled into the left lane and passed a slow moving mini van full of kids. Smiling at them as she passed, she watched the van grow smaller in her mirrors. As she drove on, she noticed a black sports car start to pull closer to her. As the Viper sped by her, she turned the throttle of her Yamaha and watched the speedometer pass one hundred miles per hour. Finally, as she hit one hundred and ten, she started to catch the Viper, and as she passed it, she glanced at the driver and smiled.
Giving her motorcycle more gas, she pulled away from the Viper. Suddenly, it seemed as if the Viper had suddenly reappeared next to her. As she glanced again at the driver, she saw the driver smile, as he pulled away from her.
Never one to back away from a challenge, Alicia caught the Viper. She had never gone faster than ninety before. The sensation from the speed, and the feel of her bike as it worked to maintain the speed awoke something inside of her. Feeling more alive than ever, she smiled at the driver of the black sports car as she passed him.

Surprised that the girl on the motorcycle had passed him, Zach pushed the Viper harder, and with ease caught up to her. He turned to look at her, and took in her body. Her legs were beautifully tanned, and the tank top that she wore on top did little to hide her beautiful breasts. The wind rippled her tank top, and he was certain that he was able to see her nipples at times. He smiled at her and started to pass her again, when suddenly, he heard the shrill whistle of his radar detector.
Pushing the brake pedal, he slowed the Viper to the speed limit, and watched as the girl on the motorcycle promptly did the same. He stayed behind her as they passed the state police car, and as soon as they were out of sight of the trooper, he pulled into the lane next to her, intending to pass her.
She had seen him change lanes, and knowing that he wanted to pass her, she opened the throttle of her motorcycle, and the two of them sped away, neither of them able to pull away.
Soon, the traffic increased, and the two of them slowed down, with Zach in front and Alicia content to stay behind for now. Zach looked into his rear view mirror, and noticed that Alicia had turned on her turn signal. He turned onto the exit ramp, smiled as she sped by him on the shoulder of the road with a smile, and motioned at him to follow.
Zach followed Alicia into the gas station, and watched her pull of her helmet. She shook her long black hair and was entranced by her beauty. As sexy as her body was, and as gorgeous as she was, what caught his attention were her lips, full, pouty and sexy. She turned toward him, smiling as she said, "That was fun."
"We almost got nailed by that cop though."
"I know. I'm glad that you have a radar detector. He would have gotten me if you wouldn't have slowed down so quickly. When I saw you do that, I knew that I had to slow down too." Alicia said as she lifted the gas nozzle.
Zach smiled at her and asked, "So where are you headed?"
Alicia laughed and replied, "Nowhere."
"Nowhere, Me too. I'm just out driving and thinking."
"I'm just trying to relax for a couple of days. I've been under a lot of pressure at work."
"I was just dumped by my girlfriend."
"Ohh, poor baby." Alicia answered as she finished filling the gas tank.
Zach watched as Alicia walked into the gas station to pay for her gas. A few minutes later she walked out and smiled at him as she pulled her helmet on. "Since we're both headed for nowhere, why don't we go there together?" He asked.
She smiled at him as she started her bike, "As long as you can keep up." She pulled away from the gas station, and smiled to herself as he pulled in behind her.
Turning onto the Interstate, she opened the throttle and sped off with the Viper right behind her.
Not in any hurry, she drove along at sixty five miles per hour, and Zach was content to stay behind her through the traffic. As the traffic thinned, Zach pulled next to her and passed.
Setting the cruise control at eighty five, Zach looked back and smiled as Alicia kept pace with him. Cranking his stereo, he listened to Led Zeppelin and kept his thoughts on the girl on the motorcycle instead of his ex-girlfriend. They cruised along for an hour, occasionally passing each other, when suddenly he felt his Viper start to hiccup. He looked at his dashboard and saw his check engine light come on. Suddenly, the engine died and he turned on his warning lights and pulled off onto the shoulder of the road.
He noticed that the girl on the motorcycle had pulled up behind him, and as he angrily got out of his car she walked next to him.
"What happened?"
"It just died on me." He answered as he opened the hood. Steam filled the air and they both backed away.
"Do you have a cell phone?"
"Yeah, but I didn't bring it with me."
"I guess I could give you a ride to the next gas station."
"That's okay. I can walk."
"Don't be stupid. Just put on you sunglasses and get on the bike." She told him as she walked back to her motorcycle.
Zach grabbed his sunglasses, locked the doors and walked to the motorcycle. "By the way, my name's Zach. Thanks for the ride."
"I'm Alicia. No problem. Do you know what the next town is?"
"No. I've never been here before."
"That makes two of us. Hop on."
Zach pulled himself onto the motorcycle and asked, "Where am I supposed to put my hands?"
Alicia laughed and said, "Around my waist."
Zach tentatively put his hands onto her. She turned back to look at him, smiled and put his hands tighter around her. "Don't be scared Zach, I won't bite, Not yet anyway. Hold on."
She took off and drove for a minute or two when she pulled off the road again.
"What's the matter?" Zach asked.
"When I lean, follow me, don't fight me, and I think you better hold on a little tighter if you want to get to the next town anytime soon." Alicia pulled his hands tighter around her abdomen, and moved them slightly higher, "That's better. Hold on tight."
She took off again, and as Zach grew more comfortable, she started to drive faster. She could feel his body pressed against hers, and gently pushed back into him. She felt his hands slowly start to caress her stomach. She looked at him in the mirror and smiled.
She exited the Interstate at the first exit and pulled into a gas station, letting him off next to a telephone.
"Thanks." He told her as he hopped off the bike.
Alicia parked the bike and walked inside the service station and returned with two Cokes. "Any luck?"
"They can come out and get it right away, but there isn't anybody to look at it until Monday. Looks like I'm going to be spending tonight in a motel."
"Let me give you a ride." Alicia mounted her motorcycle, and waited for Zach to join her. She slowly drove to the motel that they could see from the gas station.
He hopped off the motorcycle and walked into the motel. She gazed at his athletic body as he moved away from her. After a few minutes, he returned.
"Thanks for everything Alicia."
"No problem Zach."
"Why don't you let me buy you dinner."
She smiled at him coquettishly and answered, "Sure. I am a little hungry"
"Great. Just let me check out my room and I'll treat you to the best dinner that this town has to offer."
She moved her eyes over his body and answered, "I bet you will."
Alicia parked her motorcycle, grabbed her bag from the bike and followed Zach into the hotel. He opened the door to his room and walked in, "Welcome to my home for the next night or two. I just have to make a couple of phone calls to let my boss know that I won't be in on Monday. Do you need to do anything Alicia?"
"Just one thing Zach." She answered with a smile and stepped toward him. She moved her head toward his, and as she wrapped her arms around his neck, she pulled his head down and moved her lips to his. Gently their lips touched, at first awkwardly, then as Zach gave in to her intensity, the kiss grew more passionate.
Alicia tentatively slid her tongue into Zach's mouth.

Welcome back to the readers who were looking for the sex scene. This is the good part, Alicia and Zach are about to fuck, well, actually, Alicia is about to fuck Zach, he doesn't know yet that he has an intensely horny woman on his hands who isn't afraid to take what she wants. If you have been following the rather lame plot so far, the payoff is now and hopefully you have some idea what Zach and Alicia are like and how the sex between them will go. All of you guys out there reading this, hopefully if you aren't hard yet, you soon will be. All of you women, hopefully you are about to get very turned on. That is, if I do this right. Back to the story.

Alicia pulled her lips from Zach's, She smiled devilishly at him and pushed him onto the bed. Putting her hands onto her tank top, she slowly pulled it over her head, revealing her naked breasts to him.

If you just want the story, skip this next part, it doesn't really advance anything, but I'm going to put it in so the readers that want a graphic description of Alicia's and Zach's bodies can get it. All that will happen next is that Alicia and Zach will get naked and the narrator will describe their bodies in a very detailed way.

Alicia stood topless in front of Zach as he laid on the bed. She cupped her 36B cup breasts, and pushed them together. Letting one breast free, she pinched one of her dark brown nipples. The areola were about the same size as a quarter, and her nipples stuck out like a new pencil eraser. She pulled her nipple to her mouth and seductively licked it. She unbuttoned her denim shorts and let them fall to the floor. Zach was surprised that she didn't have on any panties. She stepped out of her shorts and joined Zach on the bed.
"Stand up Zach."
"Why Alicia. Can't we fuck yet?"
"Not yet. The writer of this story wants to describe what you look like naked, and it will be easier for her to do if you are standing. So can you please hurry up and strip. I want to feel your hard cock inside my pussy."
"Can't the writer, what's her name again?"
"Maria. Maria Gonzales."
"Can't Maria just skip describing me. Most of the people who read this are probably guys and they don't care about my body."
"But there are some women who want to know all of the intimate details of your body."
"We didn't really get a good description of you Alicia. Just a nice description of your tits."
"She must have forgotten to describe the rest of my body. Why don't you do that for her."
"I don't know where to start. You have a very sexy body."
"She already described my boobs. Just work your way down."
"Okay. You have a tight little stomach. A little thick for a character in a sex story."
"But still very nice Alicia."
"Thanks. Go on."
"You have very nice hips and your pussy is trimmed nicely. The way you are sitting I can see the form of the lips of your pussy. Looks good enough to eat."
"Hopefully you will get done describing me soon, then I can describe you and you will get to eat it."
"Okay, turn over so I can see your ass."
"Like this?"
"Perfect, but just lift your butt up in the air a little and wiggle it a little. Perfect. Open you legs just a little. Beautiful Alicia."
"Well describe it for the readers. Where did the narrator go anyway, isn't this supposed to be his job?"
I'm still here, but you two seem to be doing a good job, I'll just watch Okay.
"Anyway, Alicia's ass is beautiful. Nice and round. She probably couldn't be a model though."
"But it is beautiful. Her legs are a little short too."
"Your supposed to be making the readers think I am the sexiest woman in the world. Not point out my flaws."
"Oops. Sorry. Alicia is absolutely gorgeous. Now let me take off my clothes so I can get busy and fuck her."
"Take off your shirt Zach."
Zachary followed Alicia's order and slowly stripped off his shirt.
"Hey narrator, let me describe his body. He got to describe mine."
Excuse me, Alicia.
"OK, he has a nice chest, probably could use a little less hair though. Now take off your pants."
"I have to take off my shoes first."
"I don't believe it. I'm laying naked on the bed, waiting to fuck you and I still have on my shoes." Alicia said.
"Take them off while I take off mine."
"Skip it, leave them on. Nobody will ever know. Take off your pants."
"Ta-dah. Magic, I took them off without taking off my shoes."
"Very nice legs Zach. Now take off the underwear and let me get a nice look at your equipment."
Zach pulled off his underwear and a frown crossed Alicia's face. "Wait. Time out. Where's Maria?"
"I'm right here Alicia."
"You said earlier that he has an eight inch cock. That's at the max six inches."
"It looks like eight inches to me."
"Measure it."
"Okay, let me find a ruler. Got one. You're right, five and a half inches."
"Zach, are you completely hard yet?"
"With the way you are playing with my cock, Maria, and that I get to look at Alicia naked on the bed, I am as hard as I can get."
"Okay. Wait a second. Let me rewrite this a little. Alicia, you're the one who is going to get fucked, how big do you want his cock?"
"At least ten inches."
"Okay, he now has a ten inch cock."
"Wow, much better Maria."
"Hey, if you can make my dick bigger, can you make her tits bigger and make her waist a little thinner."
"Sure, why not. Alicia now has DD boobs and a tiny 23 inch waist."
"Wow, thanks Maria. I've always wanted to have big tits. Can you make me a blonde too?"
"You're welcome Alicia, but no you can't become a blonde. Is there anything else I can do for the two for you before you fuck."
"Just one thing Maria."
"What Alicia."
"Can you let go of his cock, I think that he's about to cum."
"Oops, sorry, I guess that big ones are sort of nice to play around with, I don't think I could get that thing in me though. I'll let the two of you continue."
"Narrator, You're on."
Ahem. . .
Now that Zach had stripped off his clothes, he joined Alicia on the bed. Laying beside her, he softly started to nibble on her ear.
"Hey narrator, I don't like that, it tickles, let him kiss me."
Groan. . .
Now that Zach had stripped off his clothes, he joined Alicia on the bed and pressed his lips against hers. His hand started to softly caress her huge breasts and Alicia softly moaned.
Impatiently, Alicia pushed Zach onto his back, and without breaking the kiss, she mounted him. He wrapped his arms around her now tiny waist as she grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance of her vagina. Slowly, Alicia pushed Zach's ten inch cock into her wet pussy. Softly moaning from the sensation of being filled by his monster cock, she continued to push it into her.
"God you have such a nice cock Zach. It feels so good."
"And you have perfect tits Alicia. I love the way they bounce around."
"But I haven't started to bounce yet. I'm still trying to get used to your huge cock inside of me."
"Then start bouncing."
"As soon as the narrator lets me, I will."
Now used to Zach's immense dick, Alicia started to bounce up and down, slowly at first, but soon she was frantically sliding Zach's hard monster in and out of her pussy.
"I love your cock. Fuck me harder, oh it feels so gooood."
"I love watching your huge tits bounce. Your pussy is so tight too. I think I'm going to come soon."
"I'm just getting started, you can't come yet Zach. Maria!"
"Now what?"
"Zach says that he is about to come, but I want to fuck more and I want to suck on his monster cock for a while too."
"Okay, I can do that for you. Narrator."
Sensing that Zach was ready to come, Alicia reluctantly pulled Zach's monster cock out of her pussy and slowly started to lick it. Running her tongue along the length of his shaft, she softly ticked his balls with her fingers. Wrapping her lips around the monster head of Zach's monster cock, she moved both hands around it and softly started to pump Zach's massive dick. Working his cock into her mouth an inch at a time, soon she had the whole thing into her mouth and throat.
"What? If you want me to understand you Alicia, you'll have to learn to not speak with your mouth full."
"Sorry Maria. How can I get his whole cock into my mouth, I mean it's, like huge."
"I don't know, but you just did it."
"But isn't that a bit too unrealistic?"
"This is a sex story, reality has nothing to do with it."
"Could the two of you please be quiet and let Alicia continue to deep throat my monster cock?"
Alicia continued to deep throat Zach's enormous tool. Zach started to moan and pushed his cock deeper into her throat. Soon gallons of cum started to rush out and Alicia swallowed every drop of it.
"Wow, you give great blow jobs Alicia."
"Thanks, but you weren't supposed to come yet, asshole."
"That's okay, look, I'm still hard."
Alicia laid on her back and spread her legs wide. "Fuck me Zach. Fuck me with you immense tool."
"You mean my monster cock."
"That too."
Zach mounted Alicia. . .
"Hey narrator, I hate the word mount, it make me feel like a horse."
Zach got on top of Alicia, and slowly pushed his awesome member into Alicia's tight, wet pussy. Softly moaning, Alicia again was filled by his colossal shaft.
Fucking Alicia as fast and as furious as he could, Zach could feel another orgasm start. Groaning loudly, he pulled his gargantuan cock from her still tight pussy and covered Alicia with his cum.
"How did you ever get a job as a character in a sex story. I'm not even close to orgasm and you've already had two."
"But I'm still hard."
Alicia turned onto her stomach and wiggled her butt seductively in front of Zach. "Fuck me you big stud, fuck me with your prodigious penis."
"I like monster cock better."
"Fuck me with your monster cock Zach."
Zach pushed his immense dick into Alicia's tight and waiting pussy. Shoving the whole length into her and fucking her as furiously as he could. Alicia could feel herself start to orgasm, and her screams of passion filled the room.
"Fuck me Zach, fuck me with your princely piston. Yes, like that, I'm coming, Oh God, I'm coming. Yes, yes, yeeesss!"
Collapsing onto the bed in ecstasy, Alicia pulled away from Zach's cock, stood and started to get dressed.
"Hey, I was about to come again."
"I've got enormous tits now and I'm going to show them off. Damn, this blouse doesn't fit anymore and my shorts are too loose."
"Now what's the matter?"
"I'm ready to come again, but Alicia just orgasmed and wants to show off her big tits as she rides her motorcycle."
"Sorry Zach, but she is the protagonist and can do whatever she wants."
"But what about me."
"I guess you will just have to do it yourself."
"Great, thanks Maria. The least you could do is help me out."
"Sorry, I don't like big cocks. The narrator might be able to help you though."
"I thought the narrator was a guy."
"I never said if he was a guy or a girl. Let me show you what she looks like."
"She is gorgeous, how big are her tits?"
"She is a full 40F, has a tiny 20 inch waist and a perfect ass. She is also 5'10 and has long blonde hair. Sort of looks like Pamela Anderson doesn't she, except everything is real."
"Hey, I would love to help Zach out, but I'm a lesbian and the person that I really want is Alicia."
"Yech. I'm not gay or bisexual. I just like big cocks and anyways, I'm ready to leave and show off my tits."
"Yes Maria."
"You are now bisexual, isn't the narrator beautiful?"
"Oh my God. Now that you mention it, she is. Can I lick her pussy?"
"Sure, but you will have to go into the other room. I don't feel like writing any F/F stuff right now."
"What about me. Remember, I'm ready to spurt gallons of cum again."
"Oh yeah, well maybe I can help you out. Come over here and let me play with your monster cock."
"Great, but now that the narrator left with Alicia, and you are going to busy with my monster cock, who is going to tell the story to the readers?"
"I guess they will just have to use their imagination. Now come over here and let me see if your monster cock can fit inside me."

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