Full Moon over Roppongi  

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8/19/2005 10:57 am

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Full Moon over Roppongi

This from the BMW. (They drive me home from the club. It's like I died and went to heaven.)

Major flirt with Snake Lady. You only get 30 seconds before they drag them away from you. It’s a miracle they let me talk at all. Cool club staff.

She’s standing across from the piano, pulls me over to her with a tilt of her head. Perfume like vanilla roses. She’s wearing a long red sheath from below her underarms to above her knee. How does it stay up? It’s okay. I want my left hand behind her back, pushing up her breast into my mouth as I slip my other fingers around inside her. I want to cover her with oil and slide my hands all over and be her octopus. She’s Snake Lady.

I do a little dance to avoid the floor manager and now we’re on either side of the corner wall, our heads tilted imperceptibly together. We don’t understand anything we say. Except she says “eigo.” I ask if she knows “dancing eigo.” I explain it’s when you dance and talk English at the same time, like, “Come on baby, I like how you move.”

“Do you like to dance?” I ask.

“Hai, oh hai!”


“Hai! Hip-hop, reggae, turance-su…”


Here comes Sakimoto-san, the Tank With Hard Gel In Its Hair. Grabs her arm, she’s getting sucked away, He MUST not hear me say, “iki masho,” so I begin to growl, which she totally gets, looking back with a sweet smile.

I am going to fuck this up, okay? I don’t know how, but I will. Also, when they wake up they change. How they change.

So pray for me. Pray to Dionysus, pray to Jimi Hendrix, pray to Marvin Gaye.

Let me handle Jesus.

If I can just get enough AFFers praying for me…..

Meanwhile, I'm gonna be Alec Baldwin in "Glen Gary Glen Ross":

"Always Be Closing...Always Be CLosing...."

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